Apple opens up: Kernel, Mac OS Forge, iCal Server, Bonjour, Launchd

Ernest Prabhakar, Apple Computer’s Open Source Product Manager has posted the following to Apple’s Darwin Developer Mailing List:

Hi all,

In conjunction with this week’s Developer Conference, we have four great pieces of news for Open Source developers:

A. Intel Kernel Sources: As of today, we are posting buildable kernel sources for Intel-based Macs alongside the usual PowerPC (and other Intel) sources, starting with Mac OS X 10.4.7. We regret the delay in readying the new kernel for release, and thank you for your patience.

B. New “Mac OS Forge” for Community Projects: Mac OS Forge, a new community site hosted by Apple, is being created to support WebKit and other open source projects focused on Mac OS X, especially those looking to transition from

C. New Open Source Calendaring Server: In order to encourage community participation, source code to the new iCal Server in Leopard Server is now available on Mac OS Forge under the Apache License.

D. Apache-Licensed Bonjour and Launchd sources: To further enable and encourage cross-platform adoption, the APSL sources for Bonjour service discovery and Launchd process management are being re-released under the Apache License and hosted on Mac OS Forge:

Apple is more excited than ever about the power of Open Source development to create value for our (and your) products and customers. I’ll be offline much of this week due to WWDC, but I look forward to working with all of you as we move forward to Leopard.

Full post can be seen here.


  1. The open source community has a lot of great people and talent, but there are plenty of anal types too. Some of them get their panties in a wad over the slightest imagined insult to their holy creed – not too much different than some Mac supporters. I suspect that the protests of the puerile FOSS purists were much ado about nothing and now we know that is exactly what it was. Poor babies!

    Apple has gained so much from free open source software (FOSS) and has so much more to gain by cooperating in the future. Jobs is no dummy. This is a big win/win for Apple/FOSS.

  2. Thanks Steve, you saved us once again. Luckily we are not going to miss too much announced delay for Vista.

    Errr, could you guys please slow down a bit. I mean, next version of Vista does not even have an internal code name and you already are pass that.
    Sheess. You’ll never change.

  3. Will all the idiots who went around spouting that Apple had closed the kernel now publicly eat crow? I’m waiting.

    I second this remark made by the first poster. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  4. The people who were afraid that Apple had closed the kernel don’t have to eat a damn thing. Apple hadn’t released the kernel and had said nothing about when it would be released. Anyone who didn’t at least suspect that they might keep it closed is an idiot.

    What is now called Vienna wasn’t intended to be the successor to Vista, it was supposed to be Vista. After Windows XP, MS really bit off more than they could chew. On the original roadmap all the features of Vista, all the features that were cut out when it was still called Longhorn, and all the features planned for Vienna were supposed to form an OS to be released about 3-4 years after windows XP. Whenever I see someone, consumer, analyst, MS hater of any kind complaining about the lost features and slipped ship date I always laugh but most don’t even know that MS cut those features from an OS that had already been cut in half.

  5. Jay,

    I think the other posters were referring to all the idiots who claimed that Apple HAD closed off the kernel for good and were screwing the open source community. They are not referring to people with “fears” that this was the case.


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