Apple Macs that can run Windows are bad news for Microsoft

“There seems to be a perception that there is a race between Apple and Microsoft to be the first to bring their new operating systems to the market. This is total baloney there is no race, no competition because the two systems don’t intersect and anyway Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger is already probably at least on a par if not ahead of the upcoming Vista. Leopard, when it is released, will likely be way more advanced,” Stan Beer writes for iTWire.

Beer writes, “as far as the competition between Vista and Leopard is concerned, there is none. Steve Jobs and the Apple team have shown enough at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco this week to demonstrate that Leopard is light years ahead… users will have the option of running Vista on their Intel Mac if they really need to use Windows applications. However, there will be many new buyers who buy a Mac box because it gives them the option of running Windows but who may later decide that they don’t need Windows at home. This is bad news for Microsoft.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we’ve been saying since Apple announced the Intel transition. Beer gets it.

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  1. And don’t forget that Macs, as shown at WWDC, are cheaper than the competiton too. We always knew that but it was shown on black & white that it’s true. Before WWDC there was no reason to get any computer other than an Apple Macintosh for the simple reason that it is an all encompassing quality piece of hardware that runs any OS your heart desires. Now, after WWDC keynote, there is ABSOLUTELY NO reason anyone should get a computer other than a Mac. There is absolutely no rational argument against it. Anyone who tries to argue the point is in denial. They’re cheaper than the competition, look better, operate better, gives you more OS options, and, for those who want the customization capabilities, you have over one million options.

  2. You must be idiot to be on Windows and be glad. Look at these comments from users about the article above:

    for example, it is still difficult to get any printer to work on OS-X, and it has been out longer than XP


    It is all about standardization, ease of implementation, and predictability in long term usability

    HAHHAHHAHHAHHAHAH. Standardization or Microsoftization? OS X is the ONE about all standard, ease of implementation (LOL, whatever that silly Winblows meant) and long term usability.

    Last, way too good:

    In the case of OS-X, its users have had to pay something like $120 per year to stay current, where XP users have had basically free updates and patches since day one. So, from that perspective alone, the cost of ownership is hundreds of dollars cheaper.


    Do such idiots really exist in Windows world? HAHHAHHHAHHHHAHHA

    Really, it sux big time to be a Winblower.

  3. You do have to admit, though, that it sucks that Apple charges full price for a new version of OS X even for upgrades, especially when upgrades come out so frequently. If one were to buy OS X and Windows XP Pro when they both came out and get every new update for each, one would have spent $520 on OS X and $350 on XP.

    MW: modern

  4. Apple charges full price for a new version of OS X even for upgrades

    Yes, what are you talking about? Upgrades have always been FREE.
    Tiger got already 7 updates. How many XP got? 2 (SP1 and SP2).

    Do not confound XP with the various versions released.

    You NEED to get SP1 and SP2 to have a working XP.

    Users on Panther do not NEED to buy Tiger to have a working Panther, and they still get upgrades for free.

    Are you for real or… never got out of Windows world?

  5. Yes,

    You can have a better than XP experience with OS X 10.2.X. You do not need to upgrade your OS to 10.3 or 10.4 to get a good operating system. Try running XP without SP1 & SP2, especially on the net. Good luck with that.

    Most buy every other new Mac OS.

    But here’s the kicker. Every new Mac OS X runs faster on older equipment than the previous OS X. That makes the upgrade price worth it because it keeps older hardware in the game.

  6. A bit off the topic, but worthwhile, I think. The Apple Blog has an interesting question on its site: in poking fun at Microsoft, did Apple go too far at the WWDC? I think yes and no.

    No. It didn’t go too far because everything that Apple said was absolutely true, and part of me was really glad they said it.

    Yes. My fear is MS’s capacity to strike back (not through better products but through vicious retaliation). For better or worse (it’s for worse), MS controls most of the software business. I am not so much worried about the bloated ugly mess that is Windows, but rather the bloated ugly mess that is Office. For example, I recently convinced my work to upgrade our CPUs from old Windows machines to new Intel Solo Mac minis. However, the switch was contingent upon the fact that Office is compatible between both platforms. If MS decides to kill Office for Mac, the Mac is screwed. Like it or not (and I don’t), MS Office is the standard out there.

    I know there is money for MS to be made in Office for Mac. And I know they just signed a five-year deal with Apple. But have you noticed the trend lately? Every time MS comes around, they’re killing another Mac Program. First, it was IE (OK no loss there), then WMP (it sucked for the Mac but I would have rather they fixed it than dump it on Telestream), and now it’s Virtual PC. I fear that as Apple goes more and more for the jugular against MS, MS can just respond by killing Office for Mac six years from now–and, assuming Office is still the standard, that would be a big blow for the Mac platform, even if Apple has contingency plans for a fully compatible alternative.

    What do you think?

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