Analyst: Apple’s new Mac OS X Leopard sets new bar, leaves Microsoft’s Vista in the dust

“In his opening keynote at the Apple Developer Conference in San Francisco, Steve Jobs showed off Apple’s newest version of OS X, called leopard, and with it, Apple and Jobs have again redefined what an operating system should look like and given competitors something to think about,” Tim Bajarin writes for Technology Pundits.

“In fact, this new Mac OS leaves Microsoft’s Vista in the dust as it delivers a very robust and imaginative approach to integrating the operating system and applications into a more seamless architecture,” Bajarin writes. “Job’s and team also poked fun at Vista with banners that said ‘Hasta la vista, Vista’ and ‘Mac OS X Leopard, Vista 2.0.'”

Bajarin covers Apple’s Leopard announcements in detail, calls Time Machine, “the best auto back up system I have seen for PC’s, bar none,” and concludes, “All in all, Apple has again set the bar for what a PC OS should look like and is on track to continue making the Mac OS the best PC based operating system on the market and is sure to give Microsoft and even the Linux crowd a real run for the money in the future.”

Full article here.
And Leopard’s “top secret” stuff hasn’t even been revealed, yet!

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  1. Dr. Solution –

    DTrace, Time Machine and the Spotlight improvements are making some people suspicious that Leopard is using ZFS. I hear rumblings that it wouldn’t be necessary to use ZFS to do these things, but it would make it easier.

    Does anyone have word if ZFS support is in Leopard.

  2. Under the hood enhancements are the biggest part of Leopard. IT’s A TRUE 64 BIT OS FOLKS! That alone is worth $130. Time Machine, Spaces, Mail and especially the iChat enhancements certainly make Leopard a compelling upgrade. Then there’s the Top Secret stuff.

  3. Yea, this was only some crumbs from the cake, the frosting is yet to come. Mmmm..mmmm..mmmm it’s going to be really good. If you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s the “Top Secret” stuff that Steve made clear would stay that way for a while so Redmonds copy machines don’t add it to OSX version 2, ahh, I mean Vista.

    Time Machine rocks!!

  4. I think there are people who wouldn’t spend $100 for what they consider a minor upgrade to OS X who would probably drool all over themselves at a “upgraded” revised tail light on a $50,000 new car.

  5. Time Machine Rocks. Yes. But think about Core Animation. Apple showed just one possibility, with flat album art moving through space. What are the other possibilities? What can developers do with this technology?

    Imagine a rich 3d app sitting on top of a flat os gui. It ain’t going to happen. Apple will be the one to use Core Animation to the max to show developers what is possible and inspire some truly great apps.

    It’s an exciting time. Of course some older hardware will be incapable of dealing with this.

  6. What the hell is everyone bitching about? It was a PREVIEW, a TEASER, that in turn means NOT the whole OS. People are like “well I wouldn’t pay $130whatever for that”…. You’re a moron…. They only showed 10 features… OMG.

  7. Carlos Net:

    English – the endangered language. It beats me why computer savvy people who know, or ought to know, that one lousy missing comma in code can make a program fail take such a cavalier approach to the syntax and spelling of the English language. I refuse to read a statement that has so many errors; the author is insulting his audience to have so little regard for grammatical excellence. And that goes for some of the people who post mangled grammar to MDN.

  8. I am so glad Apple is keeping most of Leopard secret. Not that Redmond would have the time to incorporate anything in Vista at this point, but they would start coding for the next version of windows after that, or at least make some preparations to copy. Leopard will be the one-two punch. What we know is the jab. What we don’t know will be the round-house right that sends them to the canvas.

    I am so jacked about the idea that Microsoft will be caught totally unaware with about 70-80% of Leopard’s features.

    To continue my analogy, the gloves are off. Apple has been very reserved in the past with regard to its relationship with M$. Now there seems to be a war brewing. I don’t think Apple took kindly to the blatant rip-off job from Tiger. They showed no shame whatsoever. Now Apple is saying, “See if you can keep up.” We aren’t doing you any favors anymore.

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