Microsoft’s oft-delayed, much-pared-down Windows Vista hacked at Black Hat

“While Microsoft talked up Windows Vista security at Black Hat, a researcher in another room demonstrated how to hack the operating system,” Joris Evers reports for CNET

“Evers reportsJoanna Rutkowska, a Polish researcher at Singapore-based Coseinc, showed that it is possible to bypass security measures in Vista that should prevent unsigned code from running,” Evers reports. “And in a second part of her talk, Rutkowska explained how it is possible to use virtualization technology to make malicious code undetectable, in the same way a rootkit does. She code-named this malicious software Blue Pill.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If you’re a Windows-only PC user who stumbled here by accident, forget about the Blue Pill. It’s time to pop a Red Pill, put your PC box up for sale on eBay, and Get a Mac. Life’s way too short and, believe it or not, you don’t need Microsoft for anything.

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  1. MacSuck® doesn’t actually have a PC of his own, you know. I know him: the one he’s using is his DAD’s. He doesn’t even have broadband, so he’s never actually updated his family’s copy of XP. He’s still running SP1 and–therefore–can’t stay online very long before the MASSIVE malware attacks begin. It’s no wonder he thinks XP is superior to OS X: he’s never actually SEEN an update, so it MUST be perfect!

    You really might want to feel sorry for him, comrades. He’s so green with envy he looks like a booger (his regular evening meal).

  2. Just out of curiosity –

    Hands up – How many Mac folks here visit PC/Vista sites and leave negative remarks?

    I don’t wast my time on a PC sites. Don’t give a crap about them.

    Not making any judgment here if you do.

  3. Vista is better…..

    “Would you rather be bill gates or that ghetto looking apple idiot that introduced xserve today at mac show?”


    Have you ever looked at Bill Gates? If it was not for his money, that guy would be the ultimate nerd geek.

    Yes, between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs- If I had two choice to look like-it would be Steve Jobs.
    At least he looks like part of the entertainment industry and not the lost college nerd fighting for a dream of getting a girl with the pocket protector.

    And might I ask did Bill Gates asked to copy their interface to make Windows?

    Yes, oh yes… Steve Jobs looks like Leopard and Bill Gates like Windows XP-Violated!

  4. Deaf Leopard? LOL! That’s hysterical considering voice recognition actually works in Leopard. Meanwhile, Vista is already showing it’s violent side with such wisdom as “so double the killer delete select all.” That double delete makes killer sense.

    Select a Mac and OS X or you might get hurt.

  5. Hey, MacSuck®

    You are f-ing funny dude.

    Where do you do your show? Do you write your own material?

    “Outstanding! THIS is what Microsoft is all about! FInding and purging the problems BEFORE they reach their customers.

    That’s a great line. Just like they did for 95, 2000, ME, XP and now Vista.

    Oh the irony. You are a genius.

    I just can’t stop laughing.

  6. Macsuck:

    Firstly, Microsoft didn’t discover these vulnerabilities, some other folks did. You should at least give credit where credit is due.

    Secondly, how long will you have to wait before Microsoft can develop a cure for its own disease?

  7. Wait. Is this the same Black Hat conference where they hacked the MacBook’s wireless driver in under 60 seconds? And didn’t that happen FIRST?? And that wasn’t even a pre-release version of OSX either, was it?

    It’d be interesting to see what the Black Hatters would do to Leopard at this point, seeing as it can’t even function for an entire presentation without crashing.

  8. ^ Nice try, lifeless Mac-o skank.

    Mac users … Mac computers … Mac websites … hell, I’ll make fun of them ALL! Because they’re all filled with dipwads too stupid to use the OS that 90% of the world uses.

    Jobs = prison = 8 months from now.

    Your Mac-crashing days are numbered, tools.

  9. Bryan,

    They hacked ang, third party wireless driver. They did not even use the built in wireless card.

    They were exposing flaws in third party wireless software drivers for all intel hardware, not just Macs.

    So, in an word, WRONG!

  10. Way to go MacSuck! Say the truth to all these Mac fanboys!!

    Do not forget the weekly brainwash session in Redmond, please. You do not sound too convincing: missed last week’s one?

    We LOVE our customers. This is faith, this is cult. Only from Redmond.
    Distortion Reality Field? Pffff, Jobs has lots to learn there!

  11. Do you know why Microsoft will never make a secure operating system? There are billions and billions of dollars made off the insecurity of Windows. Anti-virus, anti-spyware, registry cleaners, firewalls, “system optimizers”, entire security suites, and other various apps – they all exist to make money off the fact that Windows is an extremely insecure operating system. If Windows was secure, or if Microsoft somehow managed to pull off something similar to Apple’s OS 9 > OS X transition and made a significantly more secure operating system, then the companies in business to make money off of Windows’ security holes would slowly be going out of business as Windows was phased out and more people bought the new OS. If Microsoft ever released a secure operating system, I’m sure all those companies wouldn’t like that and they would take some kind of action against Microsoft. But then again, would Microsoft really care?

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