Microsoft’s oft-delayed, much-pared-down Windows Vista hacked at Black Hat

“While Microsoft talked up Windows Vista security at Black Hat, a researcher in another room demonstrated how to hack the operating system,” Joris Evers reports for CNET

“Evers reportsJoanna Rutkowska, a Polish researcher at Singapore-based Coseinc, showed that it is possible to bypass security measures in Vista that should prevent unsigned code from running,” Evers reports. “And in a second part of her talk, Rutkowska explained how it is possible to use virtualization technology to make malicious code undetectable, in the same way a rootkit does. She code-named this malicious software Blue Pill.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If you’re a Windows-only PC user who stumbled here by accident, forget about the Blue Pill. It’s time to pop a Red Pill, put your PC box up for sale on eBay, and Get a Mac. Life’s way too short and, believe it or not, you don’t need Microsoft for anything.

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  1. All I know is I just got done working with the symantic tech for a freaking hour !!!!!!!!!!!!!! trying to get my parents internet to work on their Dell. Sigh now I am back on my PB, so nice to be back on OSX tiger. I can’t wait to try out TM and spaces!!!!!!!!

  2. Outstanding! THIS is what Microsoft is all about! FInding and purging the problems BEFORE they reach their customers.

    Not like LaughApple which issues security update after security update through their crappy Software Update panel.

    VISTA will absolutely CRUSH Deaf Leopard. Whenever it finally ships. And if Convict Jobs isn’t in jail by then.

    Sell your AAPL stock now!

  3. Pretty hilarious when MS’s “trustworthy” OS gets hacked by a Polock.

    “But wait”, you Win fanboys say, “the release version will be sooo much more secure!”. Yeah right. MS isn’t going to get holes this big fixed six months before release (or whatever the current slip date is).

    Wait until the PlayStation Generation hackers get ahold of Vista. They’ll make XP look secure.

  4. MacSuck,

    When you said whenever it “finally” ships did you mean Leopard or Vista? Been waiting 5 years for Vista here, only 1 year for Leopard.

    And what do you mean by security update after security update?

    Haven’t you heard of update Tuesday? Microsoft has so many security updates they need a special day to release them all.

    You’re good bait though…but I suspect just jail bait…lol! You gotta be what, 12…15 years old?

  5. “Sell your AAPL stock now” – funny! Let’s see, my AAPL stock has made me a ton of money over the past few years. If I had an equal investment in, let’s say…Microsoft or …Dell, I would have a lot less to show for it. Your obviously uneducated bias against Apple products shows in your investment advice. I’d be wise to take no advice from you at all – technical or financial.

  6. Outstanding! THIS is what Microsoft is all about! FInding and purging the problems BEFORE they reach their customers.

    You must credit Al Gore for the Internet too.

    Since when did MS change their business model of nearly 30 years? You know, “Make a lousy knock-off, sell it, fix a few bugs, resell it, and repeat”.

    Also notice that Joanna Rutkowska, the problem’s discoverer, isn’t from Microsoft.

    Your view is like an auto maker being proud that a government agency found serious safety defects in a new vehicle. I don’t care if the vehicle isn’t shipping to consumers yet, it reflects very poorly that the problems existed at all.

    Anyway keep waiting for your Vista dream. The rest of us have Mac.

  7. If Steve Jobs is going to gaol for discrepancies that Apple itself detected, had independently investigated and voluntarily reported to the authorities for further action, then I look forward to seeing the upper echelons of Microsoft at the gallows for their actual crimes.

    Then again, I guess a U.S. justice system is an oxymoron. Just ask David Hicks.

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