Apple’s Mac Pro photos (inside and out)

“Well, keynote’s over, which means we got to go take a look at what Apple introduced today. We didn’t see much going on in terms of the operating system, but they did have a couple of Mac Pros on display for us to handle and smudge. Guess all that talk about a radically redesigned tower system isn’t going to be, but hey, if you’re down with the cheese grater then this is the machine for you. Dual drives, quad processors, loads more ports, plenty of video options,” Ryan Block writes for Engadget.

Many photos here.

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  1. Hey, even you stupid inbred Apple dorks must’ve figured out by now that we superior Windows users are conducting an organized campane today to crush your gay non-news. It’s working too, symbionts- the press is reporting that Leopard is delayed- bwa-ha-haaahhhh!

    Notes and To Do’s in Mail– Ooooooohhh, how squishy-crunchy tree-hugging pathetic and queer.

    Apple will be out of business in one year.

  2. heheheh, I told you WWDC was going to be a downer.

    Those insides of the Mac Pro sure look sorta depressing uh?

    Then there is no BlueRay DVD drives yet, no SLI or Crossfire support (although each PCIe slot is 16x)

    Then there is this sinking feeling, the performance isn’t really all up there at all, just like I predicted. Because Intel is really just catching up to the G5 processor and the G5 was the “thermal limit” to begin with.

    After all if IBM could get processors any faster we would have seen them by now.

    My advice, wait for the Kentsfields in a dual configuration (8 cores) and the BlueRay DVD drives.

    New DRMed Apple monitors with iSight/IR integration and Front Row.

    This Mac Pro is for those who need to run Windows and Mac OS X together.

    It’s going to be a long year wait for Leopard and CS3.

  3. Hey Trying to look smart but not very smart dude:
    That is a piss poor analogy. It is nothing like Recycle Bin. In fact, Recycle Bin was Microsoft’s answer to the Apple Trash Can.

    A better analogy would be Shadow Copy.

  4. I am totally loving the trolls and nay-sayers who have found their way to this site. It’s reminiscent of people I’ve worked with who have trouble coming out.

    It’s ok, guys. Just let go. You don’t need to fight it anymore.

    We’re very accepting here.

  5. 40,000 Plus people sued apple complaining that the magsafe magnet found in macbooks gave the heart problems, and housing bubble plus oil addicted americans with unsustainable national debt have ruined the stock market and thier past 9/11 retirement pension.

    thus resulting in apple to file chapter 11th bankruptcy according to Time Machine that undo the deleted files from 2009

  6. “Notes and To Do’s in Mail– Ooooooohhh, how squishy-crunchy tree-hugging pathetic and queer.”

    As aposed to not yet even having the features of tiger, yeah, thats something to boast about, where do they come from?

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