RUMOR: Apple iWeb 2 to feature Smart Albums, live webcam module

“Apple’s newest iLife component is set to receive a major upgrade when the second version rolls out next year, Think Secret sources report. Beyond the refinements that typically arrive in the year following an application’s inaugural release, iWeb 2.0 will pack a number of content enhancements that will keep the software current with trends on the Web,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret.

“Live content and integration with other Web site features are two major focuses of iWeb 2.0, sources report, freeing users from the effective yet static tether of iWeb 1.0,” Katz reports. “Like iTunes and iPhoto before it, iWeb 2.0 will see the addition of Smart Albums, making it easy for users to build galleries of photos based only on a few criteria. Giving visitors the ability to control the presentation of photo galleries, such as sorting photos by date, is another feature on the drawing board.”

Katz reports, “Apple is also said to be working on a live webcam module for iWeb 2.0 that would send snapshots at specified intervals to the server, a natural feature for a company that sells many of its systems today with built-in webcams.”

More in the full article here.

[UPDATE: 3:33pm EDT: Fixed link to full article.]


  1. I hope Apple makes it easier to maintain iWebs from from more than one Mac. Also, while I’m at it – maintaining iPhoto databases from more than one Mac. Yes, I know symolically linking the appropriate library over a network works, but that seems like a hack to me…

  2. Kinda strange how Apple’s going to

    Integrating advertisements from Google AdSense and other such services on site pages will also be streamlined, sources say, giving iWeb users an easy opportunity for revenue from their site.

    when this is currently posted on the Terms Of Service pages for .mac.

    In addition to the .Mac account limitations on bandwidth and disk utilization, certain commercial or business uses are prohibited, including the following:
    • Soliciting for advertisers or sponsors
    • Posting sponsorships and third-party advertisements and banners

    Unless Apple has decided they want to users to use iWeb to produce non .mac sites… which seems to be a sure fire way to suck your support dollars right out of the organization.

  3. wrong again:
    iWeb is for many more people than just .Mac users. Apple realizes this and chooses to make everything easy. The whole experience of using Apple products should be an easy and enjoyable experience. Apple is making this happen, even risking not forcing people to use .Mac. Good for Apple. Thanks.

  4. Apple would need to change their TOS OR make the advertising features available only when Publishing to a folder. Or perhaps they’ll handle it the same way they’re handling commercial material. Just throwing up a useless little warning so that when they yank down your site (it’s happened) they can say,”We told you no advertising!”

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