Ballmer analyzes Microsoft’s One Big Mistake, Vista… er, ‘One Big’ Vista Mistake

“Microsoft made one big, wrong decision that led to Vista’s delays, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told financial analysts during his meeting with them last week. The company took a Big Bang approach and tried to overhaul all of its operating system’s core components simultaneously, an approach that eventually led to a fiery development crash,” Stacy Cowley reports for CRN.

“‘We made an upfront decision that was, I’ll say, incredibly strategic and brilliant and wise — and was not implementable,’ Ballmer said. ‘We tried to incubate too many new innovations and integrate them simultaneously, as opposed to letting them bake and then integrating them, which is essentially where we wound up.’ Ballmer’s blunt assessment of Vista’s development problems came in response to analysts’ skepticism about how well Microsoft can execute on its ambitious visions. Cranky about Vista’s protracted incubation and the challenges a company Microsoft’s size faces in trying to fuel continued growth, Wall Street has kept Microsoft’s share price stagnant through most of Ballmer’s six-year reign as the company’s CEO,” Cowley reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Seeing how stripped-down PigLipstick is from it’s promised list of features, Windows Vista is really more like XP SP3 with a pseudo Mac OS X theme. We got the headline right with the first try.

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  1. You (MDN et al) really like to slam MS on Vista – and rightly so – but be(a)ware: Eventually MS will ship Vista and they are doing the right thing by continuing to delay it so that when it is finally released, it does not experience the pain that XP and other versions have.

    Apple has had a huge oportunity here the last three years and unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, Apple has not been able to materially dent the Windows armor. It will be even more difficuly in 2007/8 when Vista is released.

  2. Well, to be fair, Apple adapted an existing operating system, rather than starting from scratch. They also leveraged powerful tools and environments introduced with the acquisition of NeXT. At the end of the day, Steve Jobs has been involved with the evolution of the Mac platform from the day it was born in one way or another.

  3. We made an upfront decision that was, I’ll say, incredibly strategic and brilliant and wise — and was not implementable,’

    How could any decision that is not implemetable be considered anything but worthless?

    oh yeah, this is microsoft

  4. “We’ll never again do a Windows update this big,”

    Hemmmm, wasn’t Vista a completely new OS? A ground-breaking entirely new OS?

    Nahhhh, just an XP update. Just a tad bigger than SP2 but enough to have Microsoft to their knees. Next, trim down to an update that they can manage and they’ll meet shipment date of XP SP2, aka Vista.

  5. @me

    I believe it wasn’t Apple’s goal to make a dent in the Windows platform for the past three years. That’s only been their goal for the past 6 months, and the dent is very noticeable. The previous 2 1/2 years were spent preparing for that.

  6. “We made an upfront decision that was, I’ll say, incredibly strategic and brilliant and wise — and was not implementable.”


    I just took an incredibly satisfing and brilliant dump—-and it was not flushable.

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