Free iTunes artwork gathering software ‘Corripio’ adds lyric search

nClass Software has announced that version 0.5 of its popular album artwork gathering application, Corripio, has been released for download at its website Recently featured in the August 2006 issue of Macworld, Corripio is atool for gathering album artwork. By searching four sources: the iTunes Music Store, Coveralia, Best Buy, and Walmart, Corripio enables the user to get the best artwork available for their iTunes libraries with the click of a button.

With this new version, the user now has the ability to search for song lyrics. The lyrics will automatically be added to each songs’ ID3 tag. If wanted, Corripio will prompt the user and ask the user to either approve or edit the new lyrics before they are saved. This feature will allow for easy viewing of song lyrics on one’s iPod. In addition to the new lyric finding ability, Corripio sports a much more user-friendly tag collection feature. Now the user, when fixing tags, has the ability to set which words to keep lowercase, which symbols to remove, and whether or not they want tags corrected on podcasts.

In this version, Corripio will continue to allow the user to set search order priorities for artwork. Now, Corripio has a new option where the user can choose to search all four sources (the iTunes Music Store, Coveralia, Best Buy, and Walmart) at once. Like in the previous versions of this software, the user can search for artwork by artist and album, album, song, and artist. The user also has the ability to see the artwork size to guarantee that the highest quality image is selected. If the user desires to view their new found artwork in a separate window, it is now possible in the latest version.

Corripio is a universal application, available for Mac OS 10.4. It can be had as a free download at


  1. Won’t they run up against the same problems as Pearl Lyrics widget?

    I thought the labels had some copyright issue with lyric finding applications.

    I love Pearl Lyrics, glad I got it before it was banned.

  2. It took me nearly a minute to click on the link to nClass Software. Why? Big problems getting around the in-line ad for “searching”. Would have been faster had I seen the problem in advance, but I didn’t and had to wait for it to Go AWAY before I could get to the totally obscured link.

    Just complaining. Will enough people eventually de-activate this technology that it becomes unprofitable?

  3. it’s taking me an hour to download 1.5 megs. Ha. I was wondering why there were no posts here, but now I realize that everyone went over to the linked site instead of sitting around here and talking about it.
    Good times.

  4. DLmeyer,
    You should just buck up, pay the ten dollars for Pithhelmet, and stop complaining. Pithhelmet allows site preferences so that I have not seen whatever you guys are always taling about – intellitex or whatever it is. Sometimes a little money can make your life one minute faster.

  5. Has anyone else besides “bob” used it?

    Where does iTunes store all the cover art? I’m concerned about overloading my pitiful 20 GB hard drive on my 6-year old Cube. I’d like to be able to store the album art on my external hard drive. Possible?

  6. I have just used corripio to get the album art for many of my songs. Some it didn’t know, but most it did. It took a long, long time, but it turned out to be a positive overall experience for me.

  7. I am so sick of “version 0.x” software. If you aren’t even confident enough to call it “1.0”, keep it to yourself. This is just an excuse to release crappy software. “Oh, it just’s a 0.x, you have to expect problems. (Good thing it’s not 1.0, or you’d expect us to fix them!)”

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