CNET review gives Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse ‘Good’ rating (6.6/10)

“We suspect that for many of you, the simple fact that Apple’s Mighty Mouse has shed its cord will be reason enough to buy it. You won’t care that your mouse now requires batteries, nor will you balk at its $69 price tag. And you probably won’t find the new laser sensor that big a selling point. Macs call out for wireless peripherals, however, for reasons of both form and function. Plus, who wants to carry a corded mouse around when you’re on the road with a laptop? We wish Apple had gone the extra mile and fixed some issues that linger from the original corded model, but our gripes don’t amount to enough to prevent a recommendation. It doesn’t revolutionize mice, but simply because it’s now wireless, Apple’s Mighty Mouse will be hard for Mac users to resist,” Rich Brown reports for CNET.

Full review here.

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  1. Am I the only one who uses RECHARGABLE batteries? Get a 4 pack (or 8 pack is twice the fun) of rechargable energizer batteries and a recharger…

    That’s what I do.. I always have recharged batteries waiting for them to be used as soon as the old ones die & need recharging.. Why is this such a foriegn concept??

  2. “I’m waiting for a wireless, batteryless mouse.”

    My cat, Baxter, dragged one of those in on the weekend. He tortured it for about 3 hours then killed it, ate about half of it and dropped the rest in my lap as a present.

    I win.

  3. Only Apple could produce a crappy mouse that only the rich could afford. Who is stupid enough (except for Apple customers) to purchase a wireless mouse with bad controls and no recharge option for $70? This is the ultimate in Apple arrogance to produce a horrible mouse with Bluetooth (yech!) connectivity for an outrageous price. For $70 you would expect (but unfortunately is missing):

    1) Excellent software to program all aspects of the mouse.
    2) Good control over left/right/center buttons without having to clean the mouse every week.
    3) Custom weights to make the mouse fit exactly in your hand.
    4) Left and right hand models (So much for Apple’s brain-dead design team)
    5) Rechargable option (Guess Apple forgot that too)

    Virtually any good mouse blows this stupid thing away. More buttons, better control, better ergonomics, rechargable batteries, yes the items just go on and on. This has to be one of the worst turkeys of all time.

    I can’t wait to see the next pseudo computer from these bozos. What is next…a laptop with no batteries and has to always be plugged in?????

  4. These reviewers were amazingly generous.

    I own the corded Apple Titmouse and it is terrible!

    – mouse jumps across screen
    – trackball too small (loses traction, plus gets dirty easily)
    – price is high (if I were to actually buy one separately, mine came with Intel iMac)
    – not as ergonomic as other mice (the overly fancy touch sensitive right-click doesn’t work nearly as well as a real button)

    Even as a Mac owner (most all of my computers are Macs – 6 PMs, 1 MBP, 2 iMacs, 1 iBook, 1 Dell)… I would rate the Apple Titmouse a 4.0 and the cordless Titmouse a 4.5 for the half-assed cordless reworking.

  5. Cyberguys link is not really a wireless mouse, it just a drawing tablet sans pen and software. Still got the wire.

    Plus, why does Apple dump the one button mouse when they bring out the Mighty Mouse? First they drop corded one and now the Bluetooth mouse. What if I don’t want a Mighty Tit-Mouse?

  6. Man, you guys whose mice are “jumping all over” and “Don’t work right” have GOT to be retarded. I turned on my BT Mighty Mouse, and it works like a charm on my MacBook Pro. The thing works flawlessly. In three days, there has not been so much as a tiny delay. How can you guys actually screw up something so simple?

  7. I dont care for wireless mice. I have used them in the past and am not impressed by them. I would like to see a minimouse made by apple for my laptop. I want a cord. Wireless kinda sucks anyway with the additional lag and the need to replace batteries. Kensington rocks imo. Apple please make me a minimouse! Pretty please?

  8. >AppleTerror wrote* Man, you guys whose mice are “jumping all over” and “Don’t work right” have GOT to be retarded…it works like a charm on my MacBook Pro.

    So because you’re willing to overpay and it works like a charm on YOUR MacBook Pro, it should work for everyone else otherwise they are retarded?

    That’s some weak logic!

    Read the posts and take notice of the specific complaints people have… after that, if you can’t formulate anything useful to add – just don’t post.


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