CNET review gives Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse ‘Good’ rating (6.6/10)

“We suspect that for many of you, the simple fact that Apple’s Mighty Mouse has shed its cord will be reason enough to buy it. You won’t care that your mouse now requires batteries, nor will you balk at its $69 price tag. And you probably won’t find the new laser sensor that big a selling point. Macs call out for wireless peripherals, however, for reasons of both form and function. Plus, who wants to carry a corded mouse around when you’re on the road with a laptop? We wish Apple had gone the extra mile and fixed some issues that linger from the original corded model, but our gripes don’t amount to enough to prevent a recommendation. It doesn’t revolutionize mice, but simply because it’s now wireless, Apple’s Mighty Mouse will be hard for Mac users to resist,” Rich Brown reports for CNET.

Full review here.

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  1. I’ve had mine for a few days now and its great! The movement and reaction is instantenious. Atleast I don’t see a difference between the corded and the cordeless model. Yes. I know the ball clogs with dirt but other than that it is all good…

  2. I’m underwhelmed with Bluetooth. The mouse seems to work okay for the most part, but then suddenly there’s some lag. It got frustrating enough that after a couple days I went back to USB.

  3. Got my wireless Mighty Mouse and keyboard late last week, and have had no problems thus far.

    Yeah, you need batteries…but Apple supplies them. And they’re not the cheapy “Heavy Duty” ones that aren’t much better than plain vanilla batteries; both the keyboard and mouse come with the Energizer E2s, which I think is great.

    One problem I had with the corded mouse was occasionally it would stop responding; the only solution was to unplug and replug it. Supposedly according to some of the Apple user forums, it was because the keyboard USB ports were only USB 1.1, and the Mighty Mouse preferred 2.0 ports. I’m assuming that problem will no longer surface.

    Oh, and I love the right click; it’s nice to be able to use many of the contextual menus without having to either hold down the mouse button or press the command-key (especially in Firefox when I’m using the BBedit extension to format blog posts).

  4. Apple’s mouse sucks! With all the unbelievable design genius Apple has in it’s product line, their mouse remains an anomaly. That little tit scroll ball is like trying to tickle a womans clit.

  5. bought mine the next day after it was announced..

    before I give you my thumbs up or down..let’s look at what I’ve owned and what it replaces..

    1) Kensington Bluetooth ; sold as fast as I bought it.
    Battery life sucks, problems with waking up, just wasn’t satisfied with expierence.

    2) Apple Bluetooth Mouse (non Mighty): I held onto this one for the longest, it showed excellent battery life, great compatiblity with my Mac(s), my only gripe, no RIGHT click.
    I sold it a few months back, cause I knew that the MM Bluetooth was in the works.

    3) Mac Mice’s BT (Alum): this was my first choice, but it was hard to find, until one day @ MacWorld 2006 I saw it and fell in love with it’s form factor — it resembled my Apple mouse that I thought I had found the perfect mouse. Boy, was I wrong! From day one, I had issues….Battery was absolutely AWEFUL!!! By far the worse in any electronic product. I was swapping out batteries every week….This also gave me the most problems with compatibility.

    and now I own my beloved Might Mouse Bluetooth.

    4) After almost a week of using this mouse, I have to say it’s by far the best mouse on the market. So far the battery has held up nicely…It works great when upon waking up from sleep. Doesn’t act up — SUPER responsive with the laser feature. $69 was a bargain, considering all the different BT mouses I’ve gone through to end up with a Apple MM BT.

    Anyways, Apple Might Mouse BT — strongly recommended.

    Also, works great with Parallels Windows XP enviroment on my Macbook!


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