PC Advisor: Apple MacBook ‘a terrific piece of hardware, quite a product’

Apple’s MacBook consumer notebook line “packs so many clever, practical features into its case that it doesn’t feel like a compromise,” Harry McCracken reports for PC Advisor. “The MacBook’s unusual in-between size actually makes a lot of sense. The system is petite enough to be travel-friendly, yet it packs a 13.3in widescreen display with room for everything from letterboxed movies to spreadsheets. The screen is Apple’s first with a glossy surface, and it’s a definite plus for film watching. We weren’t overly distracted by the occasional reflections.”

“The MacBook does have integrated graphics rather than the faster discrete adapter that gamers and graphics pros will want. And as standard it has no ExpressCard, PC Card or memory-card slots, nor a dialup modem. Design-wise, the MacBook shines [and,] like all Intel-based Macs, the MacBook can be a Windows PC once you’ve installed Apple’s Boot Camp utility and a full copy of Windows XP SP2,” McCracken reports.

McCracken reports, “The MacBook is a terrific piece of hardware. It’s not particularly expensive, and it gives you a healthy dose of everything that’s great about Macs. Add the PC compatibility, and this is quite a product.”

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  1. Yeah, I’d be pi$$ed if I just bought a macbook pro before these came out. These systems are wicked fast, and they have everything your average consumer would ever want, as long as it’s not hardcore gaming or intense graphics or video work. Good thing I was critically short of cash when the pros came out.

    I’d probably be madder when the pros get the newer, faster, cooler running processors from intel in a few weeks. Yes, I know it’s the nature of the beast, but this experience is a new one for Macs, unlike PC’s.

    Of course, if they reduce price on the current pros on the Apple store refurb section when the new models come out, it may be a decent deal for the money…

  2. When I run windows on my macbook, the optical audio out light comes out of the jack, even when nothing is plugged in. This isn’t a problem for me, because I have only run windows to test it out, and plan on deleting it soon, but if it happens to others it is probably a battery wasting annoyance.

    anybody else have this issue?

  3. Yeah, i was bummed when the MacBook came out and I saw it cost half as much as my MBP. The MBP is a better machine for me though because I crave real estate. The backlit keys are easy to take for granted though and it sucks trying to find your fingers when it gets dark.

    The MBP has so many great little features that make life easy, even with the price difference, in the end, the MBP is clearly worth the price, especially seeing that you can get a refurbished one for only a bit more than a MacBook.

    If you want to go small and a bit more rugged, get a MacBook. If you want a truely refined workhorse, the MBP is a great buy.

  4. Don’t forget Ben Dover’s sister, Eileen. And her husband, Pat McCrotch. His stage name is Sunny Pussypatch. Weird theater. The owner is an Irish guy, Paddy O’Furniture. He’s always so relaxed.

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