French anti-iTunes law deemed unconstitutional

“The controversial French law which would have forced Apple to make music from its iTunes online shop playable on any device has been rejected by the French Constitutional Council. The whole law may have to be rewritten,” OUT-LAW News reports.

“The Constitutional Council reviews all laws after they have been passed to ensure that they do not conflict with the French constitution. One of the protections afforded by the constitution is a protection of property, and it was on this basis that the Council rejected some aspects of the law,” OUT-LAW News reports.

OUT-LAW News reports, “A 12 page legal finding was published by the Council late last week and it referred principally to the 1789 Declaration on Human Rights, part of which protects property. The document said that any companies forced to make music playable on any device should receive compensation because the firm would be sharing copy protection technology it had built itself.”

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  1. Are we going to demand that Microsoft make all XBOX games playable on Playstation, or Gamecube, or any other system that comes down the pike?

    Should we demand that Ford make engines that’ll fit inside Toyotas, GMs, or any other type of car?

    Should Microsoft be forced to write all of its software so that it is readable by either Windows or Mac OSX?

    By the way, should that mean that all other music services need to make their files playable on iTunes??

    Shouldn’t all mp3 players work on both Mac and PC?

    This is stupid. The reason Apple made the files only readable by iTunes is for copyright protection. iTunes protects the files against illegal copying. That way Apple can make sure they aren’t being copied and sold illegally, which keeps the prices down and helps the music companies build their trust in iTunes.

  2. Joe,

    You missed it completely. It’s not that all XBox games should play on all playstations. It’s that they should play on all Macs, Windows, Be, Linux (All flavors), Unix (All Flavors), as well as playstations, Nintendos, etc.

    MP3 players all play music and PCs all play music, then all can license MP4, and play the format, but the DRM and Apple lossless formats are proprietary. If Apple has to share them with others then MSFT has to share WMA format and its DRM is Apple.

    This would place Apple and MSFT on the same playing Field, but then both sides lose because they have individual conracts with the music labels, and there is no way the labels would make one generic contract encompasing all digital agreements with Apple, MSFT, Real, et al. This would end the digital music industry, and all sides lose.

  3. Thank goodness there is still a shred of common sense in the world! France’s iTunes interoperability requirement was and is utterly ridiculous. Next they would have gone after Sony because their “memory sticks” don’t work in other brands of digital cameras! Whoever wrote this law should do something he (or she) is better suited for, like selling shoes.

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