Analyst: Apple selling more notebooks than Wall Street realizes

“Apple is selling more notebooks than Wall Street realizes and should beat earnings estimates next year, Bank of America said in upgrading the stock to buy Monday,” reports.

“Bank of America raised its estimate of Apple’s earnings in the year ending September 2007 to $2.66 a share from $2.44 a share. It raised its price target on the stock to $79 from $68, which reflects a multiple of roughly 26 over the new profit estimate, adjusted for cash and interest… The current Thomson First Call consensus for the year ending September 2007 is $2.59 a share,” reports. reports, “‘The drivers of our estimates and rating change is higher unit estimates for systems and iPods,’ the brokerage says. ‘In particular, our channel checks show higher end demand for MacBooks than our previous checks — we are raising our forecast by 300,000 units for the combined September and December quarters and a like amount for FY07.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back on April 13th: While we’re not a research firm by any stretch, we do have our own checks and are able to take some measure of the pulse of what’s going on in the Mac world. Our checks indicate that Mac sales have picked up significantly since the Boot Camp debut and corresponding press coverage. The information we are seeing allows us to confidently state that… the ability to run their Windows “insecurty blanket” on Macs is causing people to buy Macs. The idea of buying one machine and getting both OS worlds is very appealing, it seems. Once they try Mac OS X, what usually happens will happen with them, too. More and more Mac OS X use with less and less Windows use.

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  1. There going to need the new processors from intel for the macbook pros. Otherwise, who would buy a pro since the specs are so similar? Hardcore gamers? Nah, they’re still buying Windows boxes. Graphics/Video professionals? Video, maybe; but not graphics. They’re waiting for CS3 to come out as dual binary. Otherwise, it would be foolish to spend the extra money on an aluminum case, slightly bigger hard drive, and so-so graphics card.

    With the intel roadmap, estimating apple revisions becomes a bit more straightforward; it’s more like quasi science instead of outright tea leaf reading.

    With the new processors in the pros, sales of laptops overall will probably grow more. Ordinary consumers will still buy macbooks and get a hell of a functional, speedy machine for the money. The geekier than thou crowd and professionals will have an incentive to buy the faster, cooler, newly improved pros. There will be nowhere for sales to go but up.

  2. Clyde,

    You are very articulate, but you spoiled it with your mis-use of ‘there’ instead of the more appropriate ‘their’.

    It matters. I had to re-read your starting sentence a couple times before I made the mental correction and then was able to understand you.

  3. A battery recall which appears to be for a unit that merely underperforms, as opposed to a say a Dell which can double as a barbecue.

    I love it when Windows fanboys come on here and try and cause a ruckus. You’d think they’d have work to do preparing for a Vista upgrade, but maybe not.

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