Microsoft Windows Vista demo goes bad

“It seems like Microsoft’s operating system presentations have a tendency to go awry. In a live product demonstration for a large group of Wall Street analysts, the company decided to show off Windows Vista’s speech recognition capabilities. As it turns out, the presentation, known as the Financial Analyst Meeting, was much more of a comedy rather than a professional demo,” Matt Mondok reports for Ars Technica.

Mondok reports, “It shows the presenter struggling to get Vista’s speech recognition software to cooperate. At one point, the presenter (Shanen Boettcher) said, ‘select all,’ and the software showed its violent side, writing ‘so double the killer delete select all.'”

Full article here.

Microsoft Vista Speech Demo Goes Bad:

Direct link to video via YouTube:

[UPDATE: 7/29: 7:00pm EDT: Updated YouTube video links.]


  1. I would hate to have to hear all the digs at my product when you are the wealthiest man on the planet and you can’t do a thing about it,

    Ooops! for a minute I felt sorry for Bill

  2. Everyone, we should spread the word about this and let everyone see just how “advanced” <snigger> Vista will be come 2007-2009 or whenever it is released!

    Microsoft banned MSNBC from broadcasting it, but once placed onto Youtube, or, they wont be able to stop people from this preview of what everyone can expect from Vista!

  3. Yeah, sure… Vista will remain a Beta forever, or until Leopard is available, then they’ll try to copy those features too! Cos Microsoft has to show something to their investors and market analysts so that they’re not forgotten about, thats why they had to do this, but as you claim “its just a beta!”

    Boot camp was (and still is) a Beta… but it works!

    Stop deluding yourself and preaching how Vista will be the the next revelation. It never was, and never will be. It will just be Windows XP SP3 – something to keep the corporates happy (enough). That’s all its got going for it right now.

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