RealNetworks CEO Glaser a little miffed with Microsoft over Zune

“Rob Glaser, chairman and CEO of RealNetworks, seemed a little miffed with Microsoft during the company’s Thursday second-quarter earnings call with investors,” Erica Ogg reports for CNET. “When it came time to discuss RealNetworks’ music strategy, Glaser opined that Microsoft’s decision to shift gears and brand both the Zune portable music player and service, which could hurt its former partners like RealNetworks, is unwise.”

“Glaser said, ‘We think this a case where our technology competitors, in this case specifically Microsoft, have literally thrown the baby out with the bath water.’ Therefore, he added, the move gives RealNetworks ‘a great opportunity to partner with a number of other companies who make excellent hardware and who are open to integrating tightly with our Rhapsody software platform,'” Ogg reports.

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Rob Glaser, PlayedForSure.

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  1. Still, Rob did say that Microsoft developing Zune to compete head-to-head with Apple might be “unwise.” Can’t argue with that part.

    Off topic: The banner ads here at MDN seem to have gotten pretty major-label: Proctor & Gamble, CVS/pharmacy, Firestone. Some ad deal just came through…

    (And my magic word is “followed.” With my forum name, I couldn’t not post.)

  2. It does make sense for Real to partner with Sony, Samsung, iRiver and Creative,

    Real makes the media software and supplies the download service. After all, no matter what you think of it, Realnetworks did develop RealPlayer, which was the #1 streaming music software/service before the players came on the scene.

  3. PlayedForSure is fantastic!

    I would love if Real teams with one or two hardware companies, say Creative and iRiver. I suspect they would be able to give Zune/Urge some pretty stiff competition, particularly if they could make the integration better.

  4. This could be the beginning of direct competition against M$ by its partners. It would be cool. Instead of just taking whatever M$ offers, maybe someone will develop some competetive software for once.

  5. Ive heard that rob had cosmetic surgery to sculpt out the insides of his cheeks so that he could fit more krispy kremes in their at one time.

    now thats the biggest innovation rob has ever come up with. (and i mean BIG).

  6. “a number of other companies who make excellent hardware and who are open to integrating tightly with our Rhapsody software platform,'”

    Your platform? I thought you were using Microsoft’s? Isn’t that why your miffed?

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