Mossberg: Jump through hoops trying to secure Windows or just get a Mac

“If you’re running a Windows computer, you must install an array of security software to fend off an international collection of crooks, hackers, vandals and sleazy business people who aim to invade your PC through the Internet,” Walter S. Mossberg writes for The Wall Street Journal.

Mossberg writes, “You need a good antivirus program, a strong firewall program, an effective antispam program, and a program that specializes in stopping spyware and adware. Or you could just buy an Apple Macintosh, which isn’t significantly affected (so far) by these threats, other than spam email.”

No personal computer is immune to social engineering. All users, including Mac users, would do well to read Mossberg’s safety tips in his full article here.

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  1. It’s the greedy who are the easy target.. tip: don’t be greedy. Unless it’s really slick bank type fake, check the URL. Your institutions have your data, why would they need it again? With Steath Mode in Sys. Pref. enabled, and common sense I feel quite safe.

  2. Definition: insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

    What part of the “… or just get a Mac”. don’t Windblows users not understand?

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  3. Did you people even read the article? Surprise surprise Macs still get spam.

    & guess where most viruses come from? spam.

    so muchj for being immune to viruses, mac-hedz. Ha! have some more kool-aid with that whine. there’s only op sys that has no viruses and it aint coming until early next year. V for Victory…… the Gates are about to open big time!

  4. For your information!

    Only one anti-virus product catches most malware attacks on PC’s.

    It only has .03% of the anti-virus software market.

    You think Symantec, Norton and McAfee is protecting your PC? Think again.

    Experienced PC Techs know it takes several anti-virus softwares to try to protect a Windows machine and even then it fails.

    According to two firms, less than 1% of the IP addresses in the world are not spamming

    see this and this

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