Elgato EyeTV2 with Front Row-style interface for Macs (link to video)

This week’s ScreenCastsOnline has a first peak at Elgatos new EyeTV 2 software which is to to be released in the next few days.

Together with any of the range of Elgato hardware, the software finally allows Mac users to get Live and recorded TV on their Mac and control it via their Apple remote. The new “Full Screen Menu” mimics Front Row for a seamless experience in media management on the mac.

ScreenCastsOnline also takes a look at the new EyeTV for DTT just released in Europe which is a small USB tuner device about the size of a memory stick.

EyeTV 2 will play on any Mac, Intel or PPC so users can have a “Front Row” interface for their TV viewing on any Mac.

Direct link to view this weeks episode (.mov) here.

More here: http://www.screencastsonline.com


  1. SO… if you wanna record programs, do you have to leave your mac on with EyeTV2 running all the time? sorry if its a dumb question.

    Yes, and it’s processor and disk intensive when recording because the processors in the Mac are used to decode the signal on the fly (that’s why you need to wait a bit at first, then skip ahead for the “rewind” ability). Then the Mac’s that have Front Row standard from Apple all have slow drives.

    Now a PowerMac G5 with a very fast boot drive for SD TV or a RAID O external for HD TV can record the content no problem.

    Still as with all hard drives, the more you fill them, the slower they get.

    Of course some kind of hardware and software hack is needed to get Front Row working on PowerMac’s.

    Apple obviously has something very special lined up for the new Mac Pro’s.

    1: BlueRay DVD

    2: Front Row

    3: iSight integrated monitors w/ HD DRM chip

  2. Darn! I keep getting “The operation cannot be completed because you do not have sufficient privileges for some of the items”!!?? even though I am in my admin account. I have 2 other users accounts that are logged off right now… Any ideas?

  3. What a pointless addition, why bother with the full screen menu if you can’t acess it from Front Row. I was all excited for nothing, i ashamed to say but media center wins once again. 🙁

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