Apple and Facebook team up for back-to-school iTunes Store 250 million songs promo

“Amongst many exciting things announced today in Apple-land is a partnership between Facebook and Apple to start giving away 10 million music samplers on the iTunes Music Store to Facebook users over the next ten weeks, in an effort to get college kids and alumni all over the country enthusiastic about both services as fall classes draw near. Facebook and Apple will be giving away one million 25-song sampler compilations each week all the way through the end of September. For those of us who’ve spent way too much time out of college, that’s 25 songs x 10 million = 250 million songs being given away, total,” Jacqui Cheng reports for Ars Technica.

Full article with links here.

MacDailyNews Note: According to Facebook, each iTunes music sampler will feature select songs from several different music genres.

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  1. i’m a 20 year old college student at texas a&m. facebook is huge on campus, and on campuses everywhere in the nation. apple is savvy enough to have set up an Apple branded group on facebook to increase Mac awareness, and now this song promotion. sorry to all you 30-40 somethings that are out of Apple’s advertising demographic who haven’t heard of facebook, but this is definitely news to me (and the millions of other college students who are members of facebook)

  2. Not a bad idea! Just checked it out, and they’ve got a pretty good informational page about mac stuff right in facebook.

    I’m an alum, but facebook is still great for staying in contact with college and high school classmates, and it is definitely extremely popular on campus.

    Good move I think!

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