Apple Retail Store grand opening in South Beach

“This past Friday, iProng’s Bill Palmer had the opportunity to tour Apple’s newest retail store just before it opened for business, and to spend some time chatting with Apple’s retail management about the latest developments in the company’s retail strategy. Standing inside an Apple Store to watch the first customer come through the doors was a unique experience, but equally interesting were some of the new strategies that have been implemented at the Lincoln Road store in South Miami Beach, Florida. Perhaps most impressive was the fact that five years and [over 150] locations into the Apple retail experiment, the Grand Opening of Apple’s tenth store in Florida was still enough of an event to draw a capacity crowd, despite the disagreeable weather,” Bill Palmer reports for iProng.

Full article with photos here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “—” for the heads up.]


  1. Well, at least the folks of South Beach have an Apple Store. Here in holland we have Zero. I wonder when Apple will take outshore markets more seriously.

    Well, well, well, MW=market. I hope it’s more than coincidence.

  2. “I wonder when Apple will take outshore markets more seriously.”

    I wonder when people in other countries are going to stop taking the lack of Apple stores in their area as some sort of personal insult and realize their strategy is to roll the stores out slowly over time, and in the US first.

  3. i live in Florida, and there three absolute constants for the whole state, particularly in the summer: heat, humidity and rain. You deal with it. particularly the first two, as best you can. Rain doesn’t stop a Floridian any more than an average snow storm would stop people in the Midwest or Northeast in the winter.

  4. Wow! It looks like Canada has two, and they’re right next to each other (on the map at least) — what’s up w/ that and for the rest of Canada…?
    (you have to click on Canada’s flag)

    But Denmark shouldn’t feel bad — France hosts Apple Expo ~Sept, and where is *its* Apple Store…? Well, according to ifo, it’s on its way:

    ifo also says the Netherlands has a chance, but Denmark is pretty SOL, but hey, at least you do have your own iTunes Music Store…

    ds. =)
    Los Angeles, CA

    ps. the L.A. area has *too* many Apple Stores, two w/in walking distance of where I live (Beverly Center & the Grove)…

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