‘Fantastic quarter’ helps Apple double share of U.S. retail notebook market to 12%

“Apple Computer Inc. on Wednesday posted a 48 percent jump in quarterly net income as sales of iPods and Intel Corp.-powered Macintosh computers topped expectations, sending shares [over] 8 percent higher,” Duncan Martell reports for Reuters.

“Apple said it shipped 1.33 million Macintosh computers in the quarter and 8.11 million iPods, increases of 12 percent and 32 percent, respectively, year over year. iPod shipments topped some analysts’ estimates of as low as 7.5 million for the period,” Martell reports. “Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s chief financial officer, said in an interview that the company had a ‘fantastic quarter,’ adding that its share of the U.S. retail notebook market had doubled to 12 percent as measured by units in June from January.”

“‘Apple looked good,’ said Jane Snorek, technology analyst with First American Funds. ‘The PC numbers were great, too,'” Martell reports. “‘The results for the quarter were very solid, above people’s expectations,’ said analyst Shannon Cross of Cross Research.”

Martell reports, “For the current quarter, Apple forecast earnings per share of 46 cents to 48 cents, on revenue of $4.5 billion to $4.6 billion. Analysts currently expect Cupertino, California-based Apple to earn 51 cents per share, on average, within a range of 43 cents to 60 cents, on revenue of $4.89 billion.”

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MacDailyNews Note: That’s “twelve percent,” not “one-point-two percent.” wink

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  1. Apple is on a major roll…Wait until the next two iterations of the ipod come out and just make the Microsoft version look absolutely foolish. Higher resolution video output, and gaming control. Then watch the stock split..

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for you–one and all–to jettison the “Macs are hot” mantra. So are Dells, so are Vaios, so are ALL portables that boast as much as an ounce of pro-performance respect!

    The MacBook Pro [and its little brothers and sisters] is no longer a LAPTOP, people, so get over it! It is a portable, highly compact DESKTOP! It has all the performance of most professional-grade desktop machines and will always run hot! It’s a fact! Live with it! Stop whining for Pete’s sake!

    [And keep these marvelous machines off your lap and on some kind of intermediary surface where they belong.]

  3. Like I said before

    The major thing holding up Mac sales was the availability of processors.

    With the swtich to Intel and the opening of Apple Stores, this has brought more Mac’s to the masses.

    Now according to Ar’s, the new Mac Pro’s are going to be expensive, especially with the new BlueRay drives, as compared to present G5 based PowerMac’s, plus the performance isn’t going to be all that much greater between dual dual core Xeons and the similar G5’s.

    So it might be a wise choice if you still need cheap processing bang for the buck to go for the PPC Quad now and add a external BlueRay DVD burner later when released. You won’t have to wait for Adobe to pull thier head outta their ass either. Run everything now and for the next 5 years with Universal Binaries, with no EFI based drivers calling out over the internet without you or even the OS knowing about it. *hint to pirates*

  4. Big Al,

    Embrace (seeing that now) and Extinguish (coming after people use Mac OS X and realize they don’t need Windows). Watch and learn.

    As we see it, Apple is executing a two-part “Embrace and Extinguish” plan. Give people their Windows “insecurity blanket” first. They believe they need Windows and cannot be convinced otherwise. Let them find out for themselves what Mac OS X and Apple’s Mac-only apps like iLife, Safari, etc. are all about. Then, when the time comes to buy their next Mac, they’ll be just like us: they won’t even care if it can run Windows. We are extremely confident that Mac OS 10.4 Tiger will win converts from Windows XP. Heck, for that matter, we’re extremely confident that Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar would win converts from Windows XP. Leopard vs. Windows Vista? It’ll be no contest. We’ve seen it happen in real life too many times: let someone really use a Mac for a couple of weeks and they simply do not want to go back to Windows.MacDailyNews, June 17, 2006

  5. Big Al said: “Too bad most of them are running Windows as well as Mac OS X.”

    How do you know that, dumb ass?

    Sounds like some shit Al Bundy would say.

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  6. That’s pretty awesome!

    I also read that iPod sales were flattening, though and wer down from last quarter. Whatever, yo! Mac sales are finally boosting!

    What I don’t understand, though, is how iPod sales were 8 million and Mac sales were only 1.3 million. It seems that a lot of people aren’t really realizing that Apple is a COMPUTER company firt and foremost.


  7. Any of those analysts wanna comment, regarding the doom & gloom news they were all predicting………………………..

    Oh wait a minute I get it, you’re talking about the next 1/4 thats all doom & gloom…………

    Wow, you experts just don’t get paid enought for the hard work you do…….

  8. MDN can you please use some of your huge ad revenue and add Web 2.0 features like “burying” stupid or otherwise useless post?

    Thanks in advance!

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