Temperature Test: Apple MacBook vs. Dell Latitude D620

“Due to the recent media hype surrounding the new MacBooks and the lack of actual experimentation, I decided to take matters into my own hands,” Brian Krische writes for Krische onLine.

“Since I work in the IT department of a factory that uses all Dell computers, I was able to borrow a brand new Dell Latitude D620 for a few hours. Also readily available to me was an Oakton InfraPro infrared thermometer and my very own MacBook,” Krische reports. “There has been a significant negative response to the amount of heat emitted from the MacBooks. Since I own a MacBook, why not put it it to the test?”

Krische pitted the Apple MacBook against the Dell Latitude D620 with each laptop playing the same film (The Hills Have Eyes) without interruption while running from battery power. Krische checked the temperature of four zones on both the top-side and bottom-side of each portable and recorded the exact temperatures upon the successful startup of the operating system, after one hour of playtime, and at the end of the movie (1 hour 45 min).

Krische writes, “In the end, it appears to be that, in certain spots, the MacBook is significantly hotter than the Dell, but its average temperature is very close to that of the Dell. Take this information as you will. I ensure you that both laptops were checked with the upmost scrutiny. In my opinion, I think that the MacBook is a great alternative to the PC dominated computer market. It does run a little bit hotter than the Dell, but I remind you that the MacBook lacks cooling fans that are built into the Dell.”

Full article with graphs and charts showing the precise temperatures of both units here.

MacDailyNews Note: The MacBook does indeed have a cooling fan. See video of it in action (and “mooing”) here.

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  1. I thought so! I knew this MacBook is too hot stuff was crap. They made fans to sit your “laptop” on way before the MacBook was ever made, The way people are talking you would think that all the laptop cooling assesories were made only for the MacBook.

  2. The only area that showed to be significantly hotter was the upper right corner of the bottom. Most of the temps were pretty much the same +/-. Although 14˚is quite a bit more, the Macbook is thinner. 119˚ is quite hot to say the least. The Core Duo’s simply seem run hot in a laptop form factor (regardless of manufacturer). Hopefully the Merom will be cooler?

  3. “it appears to be that, in certain spots, the MacBook is significantly hotter than the Dell”

    Hotter, as in sexier?

    You know, the same goes for girls: Some are significantly hotter is certain spots than others. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. With all Intel Core Duo laptops using the same chipsets, CPU, and graphics cards, why would we expect that the MacBook would run hotter OR cooler than any other laptop with the same technologies? In fact, it’s well documented now that Apple has *underclocked* the graphics card – presumably in the very interested of lowering heat output.

    Duh. It’s not an Apple issue. It’s a Core Duo platform issue. Granted, some platforms could vent the heat better than others, but they would by definition need to be louder, as faster fans would be the primary method to draw heat away from a body-contacting surface and out some sort of vent aperture.

    Let’s use our brains. This is NOT a big deal, nor is it a problem unique to MacBooks. If you don’t like it, wait for Apple to release a Core Solo version, or perhaps just go buy an Origami. LOL.

  5. Elequent as ever there Microsoft#1

    LOL is that the IQ level we can expect for Mac haters? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    MDNW – ‘Chance’ What chance is there that Mac haters still buy Apple iPods?

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