Can Nintendo’s Wii end up number one in market share?

“Late last month, San Diego-based DFC Intelligence raised more than a few eyebrows when it said that Sony could very well end up last in the next-gen gaming race, behind competitors Microsoft and Nintendo. Today, the research firm released an industry briefing, and its song remains largely the same,” Tim Surette reports for GameSpot.

“DFC begins by saying that Sony is currently the ‘king of the video game market,’ but with the PlayStation 3, it is clear that Sony is ‘handing its competitors a golden opportunity.’ The firm believes that the premium PS3’s $600 price tag will put off potential consumers, hurting the overall gaming market and possibly putting Sony dead last in terms of installed user base,” Surette reports.

“‘By letting Sony and Microsoft split the hardcore teenage/twenty-something video game marketplace, the Wii could end up number one in market share for the next generation,’ said DFC,” Surette reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Not Apple-related, but may be interesting to some MDN readers. We’re going to follow the story of Nintendo’s Wii for pretty obvious reasons.

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  1. MacCrab: The attitude you display is exactly what’s killing the video game industry. There’s a heluva lot more to a game than how it looks. People (especially non-hardcore gamer people) buy games based on how much fun they expect them to be, not just to go “Oooh, look at the sexy graphics”.

    Besides, as good as next-gen graphics will be…

    1) …the jump in quality from the PS2 -> PS3 is nowhere near as amazing as PS1 -> PS2 was.
    2) …you need an HD set to get the full effect anyway. Most ordinary folks still can’t afford one.

    Nintendo has the right idea. Get out of the graphic-power game and innovate a new fun way to play.

  2. Sol: The problem using the Wii controller with the Mac, or any computer, is that it uses a set of sensors placed next to the monitor to track the controller. So, you would have to move the sensors next to the computer monitor every time you want to use it with your Mac, or hook your Mac up to your TV (blech!).

    The PS3 controller uses a motion sensor not unlike the Mac notebooks’ Sudden Motion Sensor. So, I could definitely see that working with a Mac… but the HUGE boomerang design doesn’t seem very convenient.

    The PS3 will gain market share, but it will take a while. The first crop of Blu-Ray players are going for $999, so at $699, the PS3 is a steal by comparison. Still, most people are not early adopters of new technologies, so Sony may have to wait for the masses to buy. They will really be in trouble of HD-DVD takes off and Blu-Ray flounders (the first HD-DVD players are 1/2 the price of Blu-Ray players).

    The Wii will have the added draw of Mario, Zelda, etc. Nintendo may be making a mistake by releasing the new Zelda on the GameCube and Wii simultaneously. They should release for the Wii first, as a killer game has always been an integral part of any successful game console launch. The GC version could be released a few months later.

    MW: “those”, as in “those are my opinions.”

  3. Cubert:

    Did you say Ampar was given his papers? 6 months severance package? Wow. That ssucks. I hope he can come back to MDN soon.

    If you are out there, good luck. We miss your Wiit and look forward to your return. Please let the MDN community know what type of work you are looking for in case someone has a job you might be interested in. Peace.

  4. Sony’s crazy. Virtually all the games on PS2/PS3 and Xbox are the same: either a racing/sports game or a first person shooter, and half of those are based on some kind of movie (pretty much same game, different movie characters and settings). Only Nintendo even tries to make new types of games, new characters, and something to draw in people beyond the hard-core gamer set. Look at Suduko for Nintendo DS/Game Boy Advanced. Now older persons (those who aren’t early 20s or below) can play a game they like and can understand easily.

    Microsoft and Sony will be stuck in the hard-core gamer market, while Nintendo will start expanding game systems past traditional gamers. With the Wii, you can play tennis by actually playing tennis, golf, swordfighting, etc. Much more entertaining for adults than using a traditional controller. Also, think of the possibilities for new “board” games aimed at adults, like Pictionary but with these motion controllers. Nintendo could have a real gold mine here if they push the envelope with their ideas for games and marketing.

  5. Just my two cents but I think this new Wii controller is going to open up many new game design possibilities, and for an industry that has worn out the current game formats (ya hear me First Person Shooter) I think it will be a welcome change and bring success to Nintendo.

  6. I think the Wii is very inspiring. The best graphics you could possibly imagine is not nearly as big of a step as how the Wii works. I love how Nintendo really took a step aside of a narrow focus and the took on entire game experience, not just the graphics and made such a stride. I think this is almost like adding a mouse to a computer, almost. Game consoles, in my opinion have been creeping along for years, this is huge. I think this is the biggest thing to happen to a game console since, well maybe it is the biggest.

    I have never been this pumped about any game console.

  7. How many parent units are going to dish out close to $800 for the PS3 a few game, extra controller and memory card?

    How many casual gamers arte going to dish out that kind of money? Sony’s smoking something.

    I’ll buy a Wii.

    I’m trying to play a few games not get sodomized.

  8. “MacDailyNews Note: Not Apple-related, but may be interesting to some MDN readers. We’re going to follow the story of Nintendo’s Wii for pretty obvious reasons.”

    MDN, I´m interested in pizza, Ferraris, women in small bikinis – when will we see those things on this Mac chat site?

    MDN, What are the pretty obvious reasons for posting the story? Other than it gives you a wider selection of ad words to link up on.

  9. I’m rooting for the Wii. I’ve always loved Nintendo and their focus on game play.

    BUT, I’m also hoping the PS3 does well. Last thing I want to see is MS having success in another market. Blu-ray has better specs than HD-DVD (another MS venture — uses their codec) so that’s just another reason to support the PS3.

    One last thing. Keep in mind that $600 isn’t what it used to be. I’m not saying it’s cheap, but game systems have been a couple hundred dollars since the late 80s. Even at that cost Sony is selling the system at a loss of almost $200 (to push Blu-ray). So just like Apple, you pay a premium for the best technology and R&D that it took to get there.

  10. Both Sony and Microsofts game systems cost to much. The Wii will take over the number one spot on game system sales. The only thing that might stop this is lousy games. If Nintendo can bring out some really cool games to match there new system they will have the top selling new gaming console for Christmas by a wide margin. $250 versus $400.00 or a rediculous $600 for a gaming console. I know most parents can barely afford the $250 price let alone coughing up double that or triple.

  11. in response to mrboma – sony ditched the boomerang. the ps3 controller looks like a ps2 controller with its cord chopped off. there’s innovation for ya.

    nintendo has also announced that twilight princess is going to be on wii first, gamecube a few months later. so no worries there. =)

    as for me, it’s wii all the way. won’t even need my ‘cube anymore.

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