Using Apple’s iPod Sport Kit with non-Nike shoes

“When the Nike+iPod Sport Kit was announced, I was really excited about being able to track my running progress with my iPod nano. I was not excited, however, by the thought of having to switch to Nike running shoes to use it,” Podophile reports.

“The notch that’s cut into Nike’s new shoes for the transmitter is a brilliant idea, but I don’t want to sacrifice the support and comfort I get from my trusty Saucony Hurricanes. Since the Sport Kit transmitter is just an accelerometer, I figured there had to be an easy way to attach it to my shoe laces,” Podophile reports.

“Well, my Nike+iPod kit arrived yeserday and without wasting any time, I tucked the transmitter under my laces and jumped on the treadmill. Everything seemed to work just fine, and the transmitter hardly shifted during my 10 minute trial run. But I knew that If I wanted to run outdoors for long distances, I’d need to come up with a more secure solution,” Podophile reports.

Full article here.
[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy” for the heads up.]

Lance Armstrong and the Nike+iPod Sport Kit:

Direct link to video:

How Nike+iPod works video:

Direct link to video:

The Nike+iPod Sport Kit costs US$29 and contains:
• wireless sensor for Nike+ shoes
• Wireless receiver for iPod nano
• Printed documentation

More information about the Nike+iPod Sport Kit can be found here.

MacDailyNews Note: It works with Adidas shoes, too. wink

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