Barron’s: Apple shares stand to gain as Mac takes PC market share

“Shares of Apple Computer Inc., which have plunged 40 percent, could rebound over the next year as interest in the company’s Macintosh computers picks up, Barron’s financial newspaper reported on Sunday,” Reuters reports.

“Some Wall Street bulls maintain that shares will jump from 45 percent to 75 percent in the next 12 months, with revamped Macs possibly poised to grab back market share, Barron’s said,” Reuters reports.

“The new models, featuring Intel chips for the first time, can run both Apple’s operating system and Microsoft’s Windows, and could help Apples shares, which have been hit by fears of a slowdown in sales of iPod music players, Barron’s reported. “The switch to Intel processors, nearly complete, could help boost Mac sales, which last year accounted for about 45 percent of Apple’s total revenue, Barron’s reported… Apple appears to have a tremendous opportunity to expand its share of the market…”

“Charlie Wolf of Needham & Co, concludes that Intel Corp.-equipped Macs could boost their market share in the U.S. and European consumer markets from a total of about 4 percent in 2005 to 15 percent in 10 years,” Reuters reports.

Full article here.

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  1. It’s beginning to get abit like flogging a dead horse here!

    Sure we can run Windows on a Mac, but most people out there don’t give a sh!t.

    Their PCs work fine, and if there is a problem, they’ll pick another one up for a few hundred quid.

    If they want to spend allot of money, they’ll buy a Mac. But not many poeple want to spend allot of money on something they will use to write a few letters, and web browse!

    So Apple will never hit above 10% market share… (10% if they are lucky).

    Having said that, I’ll buy a Mac, when my PC dies, cus I need to finally get an LCD screen. But even that could be 1-2 years away!

  2. “Macs could boost their market share in the U.S. and European consumer markets from a total of about 4 percent in 2005 to 15 percent in 10 years”

    LOL. Up,what, 300+% in the next 10 years? What crystal ball gazing! You realize Steve will be over 60 by then – you think he will even be at Apple then? Once Steve leaves, Apple dies or is bought out.

    “…could rebound over the next year as interest in the company’s Macintosh computers picks up,..”

    You mean there is no interest Macs now or for the last umpteen years? OSX was supposed to be the Windows killer – it is 5 years old and Mac market share is near its lowest. Apple has gotten great press, has the iPod….and these reporters think that Mac has been living in a secret vacuum the last 10 years. People don´t understand OS´s but they do understand that Apple has the same processor in them as Dell, sony, Fujitsu whatever. So a computer is a computers is a computer…

  3. I’d be happy with anywhere between 5% and 10% share. Apple has a masterplan it has been executing slowly with OS X and the Apple Stores. Market share has been trending up slowly since bottoming out a couple of years back, and should accelerate once the Intel transition is bedded down.

  4. Sorry got to pipe up…

    Mac ain’t taking any significant PC share. The analysts are setting Apple up for failure. Now when Apple doesn’t take any significant share from PC these same dumb asses will down grade Apple’s stock prices.

    Too many IT ppl walk into their offices every morning and polish their little M$ certified <fill in name here> diplomas. It is a job security issue. No CIO is going to walk into a board room and say “Good news, I am going to shrink my staff and budget by a factor of five. Thus shifting the balance of power in these meetings and making me less significant.” See how easy that is.

    Yes that is what is going to happen in boardrooms all over the world because Borron’s makes IT decisions for everybody.

    Just my $0.02

  5. Halla Loo Ya,

    what would you rather have? a crappy operating system that acts like a virus magnet ie windows, with a lot of market share…or

    the sleek, efficient, virus free, stable kick-ass OS that is OS X with RELATIVElY small market share?

    I dont really care as long as Im using the best OS, and the morons are using windows.

    keep using your crappy little dell safe in the knowledge that your a good little sheep.

  6. Ray….I believe you are correct about no corporate change. I have heard it here where I work from a dozen IT people….and now half of them have bought a Mac in the last year. They all love them…each have come and told me they thought I was just telling them crap about the Mac….They all realize now that Macs are a better solution, but each of them have said…”don’t tell anyone”….and we are not going to tell the boss’ for fear of actually starting a change in this aerospace company and they may lose their jobs….but at the same time, there are more people that are bringing in their own MacBook Pros and using them in place of the dulls…..they just work….

  7. “Their PCs work fine, and if there is a problem, they’ll pick another one…”

    “Having said that, I’ll buy a Mac, when my PC dies…”

    In art class I was once warned by a professor, “don’t be so arrogant as to think that you’re the only one who likes it.” Point is, so many people say they’re switching to a Mac and somehow believe they’re the only one considering it.

    I call B.S. I switched last year, before the intel announcement, as did a coworker. Since then I have not heard a single person who verbalized their desire to buy a new computer not mention at least looking at a Mac.

    I personally know 8 people who have bought new computers this year: all of them Macs.

    Mac market share will increase faster than many people realize.

  8. Head in sand, Carlo, head in the sand.
    Face reality and then problems have a better chance of being solved. 97% of the computer owners out there could care less about having the “best” OS; most could not even tell you what an OS is.
    Despite all the great PR, ad campaigns, “iPod factor”, etc…Apple can´t budge its market share. I bet most sales of new Apple computers are going to old Apple computer owners (me being one). If you look at the stats, every 10 years Apples sells around 16-17 million computers…apparently to the same niche customer base.

  9. Just hilarious listening to Mac owners. If one listens to them everybody has already switched or owns a Mac. Apple has nearly 100% market share.
    It called being delusional.

    I am waiting for someone to finally challenge the stat bandied around that says iPod has about 80% of the music download market. I believe it, but people then seem to think that translates to 80% of the total MP3 player market…and that ain´t real. I see too many $29.95-type MP3 players in people´s hands.

  10. Carlo

    “keep using your crappy little dell safe in the knowledge that your a good little sheep.”

    Well that’s hardly a cogent argument is it? Me thinks the fella doth protest too much. It’s exactly this kind of attitude that makes Mac users look like smug arrogant pricks.

    You’re bitter, that’s what it is.

    Because Macs will always have a small market share
    Because games like Grand Theft Auto will not be developed for Macs
    Because most people will just not buy a mac, thereby stunting software and hardware development for Macs.

    I can understand this, but acting smug and arrogant won’t help your cause. In fact it will only worsen the situation.

  11. Well isn’t that special…

    Seriously, No B.S.

    I’m an engineer married to an orthodontist. Nobody I (nor my wife) know, be it friends, family or work colleagues are considering switching. Indeed the overwhelming majority of these people aren’t even aware of the Mactel option. I have 2 Mac friends, but these guys have been Mac for as long as I have known them.

    The impression I get from most people is that PCs are tools, for web browsing, admin stuff, games and downloads. Simple. Why complicate the issue by messing around with a different OS?

    Windows does everything fine, so why the hell switch?

    The way I see it, other than a certain type of geek, (such as me)… nobody is switching!

    Hell, I’m a creative 3D modeller, video editor in my spare time, and Windows does it all fine for me. Like I say the only reason I’m switching is for the LCD… and that I’m a certain type of geek.

    My thesis, is that I do not believe that Apple will EVER gain greater than 10% market share. 10% if they are lucky.

    There is too much competition in the PC hardware industry, so prices will always remain relatively low.

    Microsoft will do whatever it takes to keep the overwhelming majority of people happy with Windows.

    Apple will always be more expensive than PCs when it comes to non-design companies buying work PCs.

  12. ‘Well isn’t that special…’

    I think you’re right. I’ve had a similar experience here in Berlin. People are catching on.
    There’s a big department store near me which has been selling Macs for the last few years. I asked the head salesman whether they had sold more Macs this year than last. His answer: “Oh yes, a lot more!” – and the big seller is the Mac Book.

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