RUMOR: Apple’s Mac Pro to sport slightly modified Power Mac enclosure (link to images)

“Contrary to published reports, Apple Computer does not plan to introduce new enclosures alongside its first Intel-based Mac Pro desktops and will instead employ only slightly modified Power Mac G5 casings,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“The current Power Mac G5 enclosure — first detailed by AppleInsider back in June of 2003 — is believed to be well suited for Apple’s first Intel-based professional desktops due to the similarities in size and shape between the new Mac Pro logic-board and the one presently shipping in the Power Mac G5,” Jade reports.

“People familiar with plans for the next-generation Apple desktops say there appear to be only a couple of cosmetic differences between the Mac Pro and Power Mac G5 casings, specifically the addition of a second optical disc drive slot on the face of the Mac Pro,” Jade reports. “An unauthenticated Mac Pro product specifications sheet has been making the rounds, indicating that Apple may forgo inclusion of Intel’s 3.0GHz Xeon 5160 chip in its three Mac Pro standard configurations.”

Full article, with an artist’s rendition of Apple’s forthcoming Mac Pro desktops and the aforementioned spec sheet, here.

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  1. Apple would never put the plug at the top like that.( Plus the PS wouldn’t fit, that’s where the HDD(s) go(es). And PowerMacs have a different power conector than that one.

  2. acutally, it is Adobe Illustrator. Read the bottom of the picture. It is an artist’s rendition based on rumors.

    Personally, I would be disappointed.

    1) I want at least Dual Dual cores and ideally a Dual Quad core. Cost/performance is too high for a single CPU compared with an iMac.

    2) I rather be able to have more than 2 HD in the tower than two optical drives.

  3. Luke,

    That’s where the HDD goes? And PowerMacs have a different power connector?

    I didn’t know we were talking about the “old” PM here. I thought this was referring to the “new” Intel based MacPro. Is it beyond your ability to reason that the connector could be different? Or do you think that Apple are stuck with that same power cord for now on? Their engineers and industrial designers are just stumped by that “dang” connector.

    Good thing you’re not in charge of Apple’s vision.

    All of the above was just a joke, busting Luke’s balls. Sorry.

    Looks fake to me too. But not because I think Apple are incapable of “moving” the HDD’s somewhere else or changing the power cord. But because it looks photoshoppy.

  4. Anyone that knows anything about apple is they include safety in their designs ( including the MacGrills aka macbooks) . Power supplys are always on the botttom. These are major fakes.

  5. Actually the power connector on my Quad looks just like that.

    Also the power supply could work there as I’m sure they could move the Hard Drive anywhere else…Lets see maybe where the power supply is now..?????

  6. Guys, understand that the illustrations are conceptual designs; and not the real thing. And do understand that Intel agreed to assist Apple in mobo designs for these new machines. So it wouldn’t go past me if the mobo’s are of the ATX or BTX form factor, thus explaining why the power supply would be on top. Just take a look at your typical pc tower and notice where its power supply is at… Unfortunately, the illustrations may just be on par…..

  7. It’s nice to know with the current state of the Middle-East, rising tension with North Korea and fall of the Somali quasi-government, we have the time and ability to tear apart an “artists rendition” of a rumored project. It’s great to be priviliged, isn’t it?

    mw: analysis – Just my analysis of the situation.

  8. Give it time ipodboy… give it time. They’ll be here soon.

    They’re over in another thread right now telling us that Apple’s new, yet unannounced, rumored video iPod won’t have WiFi and many other rumored, unannounced features and won’t be ready in time for it’s rumored, unannounced, tentative, pre-Christmas ship date.

    Consequently, they will be bankrupt before dinner.

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