Enderle on what it would take for Microsoft to kill Apple’s iPod

“There are a lot of rumors this week about Microsoft’s anticipated iPod Killer,” Rob Enderle writes for Digital Trends.

If the rumors are true, “would create an interesting event where, on the Operating System front, Apple may have beat Microsoft to market with Leopard, while on the MP3 front, Microsoft has hit Apple equally hard,” Enderle writes. “Let’s take a look at what the components of an iPod Killer would have to be in order to truly ‘kill’ the iPod and whether Microsoft has the right stuff to even be a contender.”

According to Enderle:
• “Microsoft actually does have competitive design skills” to “beat Apple on design.”
• In “Ease of Use, “Microsoft has the potential” to “beat Apple.”
• “Apple is the most secure” on the issue of marketing, “the third leg of Apple’s competitive advantage.”

Enderle concludes, “Microsoft could build a product that would be an iPod Killer, but right now they aren’t demonstrating the marketing competence that would be required to allow the device to rise to its full potential… while Microsoft could build an iPod Killer, they currently lack the marketing capability to kill the iPod with it.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Michael L.” for the heads up.]
Enderle, as usual, has it all backwards. It is in the areas of “design skill” and “ease of use” that Apple is hardly threatened by Microsoft’s current vapor. It’s the “marketing” area at which Microsoft could throw vast sums of cash that Apple would be reluctant or unable to match.

The Joy of Tech: Things Microsoft could do to make you switch to their iPod killer.

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  1. If Microsoft has the design skills then he’s saying that they’re just not using them – I’ll let that go. when he says they have the potential to beat them on ease of use, he’s saying that they don’t actually have it at the moment. So what’s he’s effectively saying is that a company may, potentially, in the future be able to do something they can’t do now. Wow!

  2. “It’s the “marketing” area at which Microsoft could throw vast sums of cash that Apple would be reluctant or unable to match.”

    For the iPod?? I don’t think so. Besides, with the position Apple currently is in with the iPod, they don’t have to run as large an ad campaign to get the word out. A few ads on TV and in print and word of mouth will take care of the rest.

    Remember “plays for sure”?

    Thought not. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Enderle’s posts lack the intellectual impact of a rigorously researched report or well-thought analysis. Enderle’s “interpretations” are typically sparsely constructed generalized opinions based on incomplete data, untested assumptions, and inaccurate conclusions. Reading anything Enderle writes will make you more stupid after the fact.

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