Analyst: ‘Boot Camp Effect’ to play significant role in Apple Mac market share gains

“Apple’s Boot Camp software, which enables Windows software to run on Mac computers, should positively impact Mac market share as early as the third quarter of this year, according to a new Piper Jaffray research report,” Forbes reports.

“The new Piper Jaffray survey found that, out of 42 near-term PC shoppers, 8.3% of the respondents said they would buy a Mac computer instead of a PC because of the Boot Camp software,” Forbes reports.

“‘Judging from consumer interest, it is reasonable to believe that Boot Camp will play a significant role in Apple gaining market share over the next twelve months,’ wrote analyst Gene Munster in a report to investors Monday,” Forbes reports. “Munster maintained an “outperform” rating and $99 price target on Apple stock. The so-called Boot Camp Effect should gain momentum in the 2007 calendar year after Apple releases its new operating system, Mac OS 10.5 Leopard, which will feature Windows functionality.”

Full article here.

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  1. …Why even publish this, its hardly a sample at all. We dont even know where it was taken, could have been from people about to buy Macs in the Apple Store.

    However it is good to see Macs are gaining market share.

  2. It’s a nice theory… and perhaps likely to pan out as such, but 42 is too small a sample to be statistically accurate. This is still within the realm of speculation.

    A nationwide deal to sell iMacs and Mac Books properly through Best Buy could have as much or more significance – combined with Boot Camp it could be huge!

  3. Apparently, neither Munster, nor the people who designed the poll, nor the folk who were polled! were aware of Schiller’s statement regarding Windows and Leopard. That, or there’s a glitch in their understanding of what Boot Camp is and what it does.

    I fully believe that the extra money I spend on a Mac buys me about as much computer as a like amount spent on a PC, but it’s the OS that makes it worth the buying, worth the fervor. Running Windows, it’s just another mid-to-high-end PC.

  4. actually, i have the new macbook, and… I still have no urge to put windows on that thing.. i mean..

    I can .. if i feel like it. but why?

    If they tell me i need to use some Windows only app for business school, okay fine, i’ll go ahead and get the damn thing, but till then.. no freakin way..

    I realize its a huge selling point… just.. not for anyone.. I know of..

  5. Wait just One Second, here!

    8.3% of 42 is 3.486! Even allowing for rounding errors, that amounts to maybe half a person only thinking about converting – along with three whole people planning on converting.

    42 is a smallish number, but not too small to merit consideration. More important is that they figure there will be more switchers after Leopard than there are OS X users today. 8%, plus or minus 5%, are we talking the entire market or just consumers? Apple has nearly 8% of the consumer market today, not quite 3% of the total market. Worst case: 3% of the consumers who plan to buy PCs switch – Mac sales for 2007 jump by 30-something percent over 2006 units sold.

  6. The part of the story that is getting me is the target price on AAPL at $99. So, when, exactly, is the upturn going to begin? It just keeps getting lower and lower. I realize it’s a good deal, and that sometime in the next few years it will probably hit the $99 point, but are we talking about anytime before Jan 1? Since Jan 15 when the stock hit almost $85, it’s just been a disaster. And I can’t see any reason why, other than the market is just a fickle group of idiots who follow rumors, and ‘bad news’ for one tech company drags them all down. Makes me wish I had switched to gold back in January, oh well… at least I still have my AAPL, and know fundamentally it’s a good investment. Just have to hang onto it for the long term.

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