Seattle Times: Apple iMac is ‘so beautiful with its simple, yet elegant design’

“It looks so beautiful with its simple, yet elegant design. Outside, the new iMac features a 17- or 20-inch cinema display with Apple’s standard white keyboard and new ‘Mighty Mouse’ with 360-degree scrolling and customizable buttons,” Linda Knapp writes for The Seattle Times.

“Inside, the iMac’s processor and other functional hardware is tucked behind the screen, compact and discrete, so the whole system looks sleek,” Knapp writes. “The latest iMac also features Front Row software and a remote controller for viewing photo collections, movies and other media from a comfy chair across the room.”

“And, naturally, this computer includes Apple’s latest operating system, fondly known as ‘Tiger,’ with the new Intel Core Duo Processor,” Knapp writes. “In addition, the latest version of iLife (’06) is pre-installed, which includes updates of iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, and GarageBand applications, plus the new iWeb, for creating Web sites, blogs and podcasts. Then, when you’re done creating, you can use Apple’s .Mac subscription service (or other Web-hosting service) to publish them on the Internet. The iMac also comes with Safari, Mail, and iCal (calendar) software.”

“If you’re interested, go to the nearest Apple store where they’re sure to have one of these iMacs running and available for you to try yourself,” Knapp writes. “In sum, if you want a computer that’s capable, looks good enough to sit in your living room, and is easy enough to learn how to use, consider the new iMac.”

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  1. Residents of Seattle know that Knapp is the lifestyle reporter and columnist, not a tech reporter. Her review is consistent with the type of article she generally writes. It’s a good review for the masses, not for people like us.

  2. “Simple yet elegant”?

    That is painfully redundant. Who is her editor?

    That’s as silly as saying:
    Complex yet unwieldy.
    Elaborate yet messy.

    She meant something like:

    Simple yet feature-packed.
    Powerful yet elegant.

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