PC Mag: ‘Top Ten’ list of things to know about Intel’s new Core 2 Duo processors

Joel Santo Domingo has compiled a “Top Ten” list of things to know about Intel’s new Core 2 Duo processors for PC Magazine:

1. Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme will be the fastest processors available
2. Core 2 Duo overtakes the Pentium as the name in processors
3. Intel has created one unified Core architecture for all categories (desktop, notebooks, workstation/servers)
4. All three variations (Conroe, Merom, and Woodcrest) are more efficient
5. Due to better performance per watt, systems will be quieter
6. Core 2 Duo can currently drop right into some current Pentium D/EE (LGA775) motherboards
7. With Core 2 Duo’s virtualization technology, one physical PC can be several virtual systems
8. All Core 2 Duo systems will have TPM (Trusted Platform Module)
9. Processors code names came from towns and locales nearby to where they were designed: Conroe (Texas), Woodcrest (California), and Merom (ancient lake in Israel).
10. Coming to a personal computer near you in late July/early August.

More detail in the full article here.

[UPDATE: 10:14am EDT: Changed wording of #9 due to sporadic ridicule below.]

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  1. 9. Processors code names came from towns in which they were designed: Conroe (Texas), Woodcrest (California), and Merom (ancient lake in Israel).

    The Merom chip was developed in an ancient lake in Israel?

  2. hmm.. Im planning to get a Macbook Pro 2.16 Core Duo in the next week or two, should I wait for the Core 2 Duo ? How long would it take before it appears on a Macbook Pro, and when it does, will it have first version problems again ?
    .. Decisions.. Decisions.

  3. id hold off on getting the mac book pro dude, the macbook and the macbook pro atm are very closely speced out, and performance wise too, benchmarks support this from what i’ve read.

    however Apple will want that to change and give people more of a reason to consider the macbook pro.

    if it was me, i couldn’t buy one now, knowing that in as little as 4 or so weeks new macbook pros could feature faster, more efficient COOLER chips. itd be worth it for the temp drop. hold our brother hold out.

    its not definant on when theyll arrive but it shouldnt be that long.

  4. SEE I TOLD YOU!!!

    TPM is already in the new MacTels to lock Mac OS X to hardware. I predicted this sort of implemtation would be needed when Apple first announced switching to Intel processors to keep Mac OS X off of generic Intel boxes.

    Now other software companies can also use this TPM chip to lock thier software to one machine as well as put identifying information into every picture, file and document you create.

    Not only that, EFI will allow drivers to be written that can contact the internet and download files even without the operating system (thus you) even knowing about it. Not only that, software and hardware will be made in such a way that it will cease to operate UNLESS it has a occassional internet connection.

    Hackers are busy right now cracking EFI, because this will give them a nice back door into our machines.

    Remember how SISCO was discovered to have backdoors into their routers so the NSA can tap the internet backbone? Well EFI will give the same spooks complete access to our machines.


    Hey, read the news lately how dashboardadvisory daemon in Mac OS X contacts Apple every eight hours right?

    We Mac users are the lab rats for testing the public’s willingness to accept these super restrictions on what we can do with our OWN hardware. They are just sliding this crap right under our noses.

  5. Bad news

    Seems the new Core Duo 2’s have a serious problem with RAID 5 etc.


    RAID 5 is often used by home hobbiests to store large amounts of video and audio entertainment due to it’s combination speed and redundancy of data. It’s a excellent choice for storing HD video.

    Uh, sounds like Intel is bending over very hard to please the content creators and Apple is along for the ride.

    The consipracy is unfolding.

  6. Static Mesh,

    RAID 5 is also used by thousands of big companies for their server farms. There is no way in hell Intel will loose sales to big companies because RAID 5 is a no show.

  7. theinquirer.net is a joke site… you cant beleive ANY of the stories

    as soon as you see their name in a link it has no credability; get a clue

    also, personally I will NOT visit their site. If I accidently bring them up, they are being closed immediatly.. I dont give them even ½ a chance anymore.

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