Can Microsoft hit a fast moving target? Apple likely to debut wireless iPod this year

“In a research note released to clients this week, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said he… sees a wireless iPod making its debut from Apple. ‘Apple has stated that ease of use is a key element of the iPod, so wireless functionality is an obvious next step for the product line,’ Munster wrote. ‘Apple has also stated that the pace of iPod innovation will not change,'” AppleInsider reports.

Based on historical trends, Munster believes new iPods are due soon. “‘We expect a new wireless iPod this fall,’ Munster stated, according to the report.

AppleInsider reports, “While acknowledging that there has recently been a lot of talk about Microsoft’s new wireless MP3 player, the analyst said he does not believe the yet-to-be-seen offering will be a worthy opponent for the iPod. ‘One significant indication is that Windows Media-enabled MP3 players have been in the market for three years and have been unable to grow their roughly 25 percent market share,’ he wrote. ‘Additionally, we expect Apple will release a new iPod this fall that will likely focus on ease of use, including wireless connectivity.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy” for the heads up.]
Can Microsoft hit a fast moving target? No. Microsoft can’t even hit a constantly slipping shipping date over a period spanning years for their bloated OS and office suite. These results with their supposedly have vast background in software; they have precious little experience in portable media hardware. You know, they aren’t called “Microsloth” in some quarters for nothing. And, by the way, we thought Microsoft and their many “partners” would combine to form the perfect storm that would sink Apple iPod? Au contraire, iPod+iTunes gained in strength as hardware and music service partners floundered. So now, it looks like Microsoft thinks it’s time for plan “B,” to copy Apple’s control of the whole widget, but they’re already years too late. Why it’s too late is really quite simple: too many iPods and iPod+iTunes is too good.

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  1. Uh if Dell’s junkbox combined with (who was that online music company?) their own online music service, combined with bundling a MP3 player deal with new consimer PC’s wasn’t enough to take on Apple.

    What makes Microsoft think they can do better?

    iPods are status symbols, it’s hip to be “anti-establishment” and that establishment is Microsoft.

    Apple is cool, Microsoft represents everything evil in the computing world. Malware and work.

    Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer has stated that they will “make our DRM harder and harder to crack”

    Well that’s just what we don’t want to hear.

    goodbye Microsoft, I don’t give you a dime anymore and everyone else should do the same.

  2. Although MS can, and probably will, cause Apple some headaches simply by having billions of dollars at their disposal to throw at this project, I don’t see why they would do any better than Sony.

    Sony has the best brand recognition in the world when it comes to portable audio, knows how to build consumer electronics, has established manufacturing, distibution, and sales organizations for that market, and also happens to even be a content provider. They also have money.

    Even with all of that (most of which MS doesn’t have), Sony couldn’t make a dent in Apple’s market share.

    The only thing that is different about MS is that they have a management team that doesn’t seem to care if they make money or not in a given market if they have decided that they want to be a contender in a “strategic” market. That is a truly scary competitor.

    By the way, any time corporate management can’t justify an investment decision on a financial basis (i.e. they will lose boatloads of shareholder money), they always say that it is being done for “strategic” reasons.

  3. It is very difficult to beat someone in their own game. You got to be extremely good.

    What’s the alternative? You make your own game. You make your own market. This market should be well thought out. I don’t think Microsoft has ever defined a market on their own.

    They are truly a one-“hit” wonder. They were “luckily” there when the PC revolution started and took the best chance when Apple was too stubborn to collaborate!

    Beyond that, they haven’t created any new markets.

  4. Oh.. I don’t see any way except for Microsoft to go back to drawing board and come up with something that’s extremely neat and execute it well. And btw, keep it a secret until you are ready to ship.

  5. Blatant Off-Topic Post:

    Today, July 7th, 2001 Apple discontinued the Cube. Worst day in history ever!

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”downer” style=”border:0;” />

  6. I think its great Microsoft is entering into competition against the iPod. It will finally get Apple off its “are we a monopoly yet?” iPod butt and start bringing out better iPods sooner and at a lower price.

    Competition is great for us Apple consumers!

  7. So, I recall reading that Microsoft will be debuting a wireless mp3 playe a couple of months ago. And until now, there’s been hardly a whisper about Apple debuting a wireless iPod. Could it be that Apple is following Microsoft, just so they could try and upstage them? (The same goes for the MDN article about Apple “keeping a close eye on” Vista.) Why would Apple care to do such a thing?

  8. Yeah, Apple just needs to get a new iPod out with new features…that way…Microsoft will have to delay a year to copy/try to trump the features…then next year…repeat

  9. MS should easily become Apple’s number one competitor, but the real question is: Will MS dent iPod/iTunes market share?

    Initially, not likely, as they will simply consolidate the currently floundering WMA market.

    This consolidation will be spun by Redmond as mass adoption and success of their own play/jukebox vertical formula.

    At the same time, Balmer and Co. are spewing such meaningless statistical claims in January, Apple will be showing off numbers in their quarterly conference call in the “20 million shipped”

    Summary of Reality in January ’07:
    Microsoft consolidates their diminishing WMA market share, claiming victory, while Apple simply dominates and continues to grow overall market share to the 80%+ range.

    Apple’s HW products that will enable the iPod/iTunes franchise to do so:

    The new Shuffle will be a 1 and 2 GB b/w screen Nano, $20 more than current models.

    The new Nano will sport a larger screen, up to 12 GB of storage and video capabilities. Same price.

    The iPod video will sport a full screen (yes, touch-screen), up to 80 GB of storage, and same price.

    So while MS claims victory with statements like “The New MS Sliver vaults to the #2 position in only 30 days, bla, bla, bla” Apple will congratulating them for losing – yet again.

    In another NW rivalry sort of thing, it reminds me of the Washington Huskies talking about the 1980’s and their victories of yesteryear, while the Oregon Ducks talk about the past 10 years, and the future of football, and how they dominate in the present.

    Redmond, when losing, continue to think of their Windows and Office dominance, which is just fine by me.

    By this time in 2007 Apple will be finishing up this last battle, perfectly positioning themselves for the cell phone and livingroom.

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