Analyst: 6GB – 8GB 2nd-gen iPod nano to hit shelves in November rather than September

“Shares of Apple Computer continued to trade near 6-month lows on Friday after a second Wall Street analyst said the company’s redesigned iPod nano digital music player may face delays of up to two months,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

Marsal reports, “In a note to clients, Baird equity research analyst Tristan Gerra noted that spot pricing for 8Gb NAND flash fell 31 percent since last week, a drop he associates purely to delays in the launch of Apple’s next-generation iPod nano player. ‘Our checks indicate this pricing decline was induced by a 2-month pushout in iPod nano-related orders, from June to August,’ Gerra said. ‘This suggests Apple’s upcoming 6GB – 8GB nano will be on the shelves in November rather than September.'”

“Gerra’s comments come on the heels of a similar report, released late last week by Shaw Wu, an analyst with American Technology Research. In his report, Wu also said the new nano could be facing a multi-month setback. The analyst attributed the delay to Apple’s change of SoC (system-on-a-chip) suppliers, in which it elected to use chips from Samsung rather than long-time iPod component supplier PortalPlayer,” Marsal reports. “However, Wu believes the new nano will arrive in 4GB and 8GB models, rather than 6GB and 8GB configurations.”

Full article here.

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  1. I’m still trying to figure out how you have a delay on an unannounced product.

    Unannounced officially, but Samsung spilled the beans. Apple is now giving them #$%^#$^ and finding the yield is totally unacceptable.

    Samsung makes garbage. So does Intel. So does Microsoft.

  2. I’m sick of analysts too. Shares shouldn’t be affected by unannounced or rumored products which may or may not ever exist. Also, Shaw Wu predicted 4GB and 8GB nanos, ….mayby Wu hasn’t noticed, but the existing line already has a 4GB model, since the nano was originally introduced.

  3. I can do it too. Watch this. After careful research and speaking with my unnamed sources in high places, the iPhone has been delayed for at least another month. Sources say Steve Jobs sent the design team back to the drawing board to answer the impending threat of a wireless competitor due in december from software giant Microsoft.

  4. AAPL was down less than the Nasdaq percentage-wise today. So the moaning a groaning about the stock was much ado about nothing. Just remember that these analysts have to write something, so when there is little to say, they blow up the most trivial mole hills into mountains.

    I wait with baited breathe on the July 19 guidance.

  5. Hey guys, keep in mind that Wall Street performance has nothing to do with a company’s products, but rather with expectations, hopes, dreams, and opportunities to short sell or otherwise profit by buying and selling shares.

    Whether Apple releases a product in September or November has no bearing on the stock price; it has an effect on traders who see an opportunity to buy or sell and make money. All the traders need is some kind of news, announcement, rumor, interest rate hike, or other tidbit to justify some reaction.

    And that’s where the analysts come in. They provide various bits of semi-competent sounding “insider info” that allows the traders to justify their moves. Nothing more, nothing less.

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