Apple’s Safari web browser market share grows over 60 percent during past year

“Apple’s Safari Web browser has the third highest market share, claiming 3.19 percent,” Kristie Masuda reports for SpyMac.

“Safari’s market share grew over 60 percent over the last year, according to Market Share by Net Applications,” Masuda reports.

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  1. TheloniousMonk,
    Let’s hope the consumers are the first to rebound and that corporate IT follows later. It will be difficult, though. Apple doesn’t make the low-end crap that the corporate world wants to buy.

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  2. are you kidding me? more people use macs in the entertainment industry than ever before.

    Heard of Final Cut Pro ? Its fast becoming the standard in video editing from amateur to pro level, in fact it already is.

    The BBC who do have incredibly high production standards are in the process of moving to final cut. thats just one example.

    macs are on the rise every where, Ive gotten two people to switch in the last week alone.

    people are talking about macs, and becoming more aware of them.

    people are more confident in technology these days as well. Theyre not put off by some negative windows IT jerk who only knows windows and talks absolute shit about macs because he’s scared of losing his job. those people are out there.

    Its just looking better and better on the apple frontier.

  3. Web browser statistics prove absolutely nothing about market share. Assuming they do makes several assumptions, none of which are true:

      1) That every computer sold will be connected to the InterNet
      2) That every computer will be used to surf the web via a browser
      3) That every browser used will be the default browser
      4) That browser spoofing will never be used
      5) That all browsing is uniform & even (i.e. everybody uses the web to the same degree and in equal amounts, and all visit the same test sites equally)

  4. SpyMac has been garbage for a long time now.

    They pretend their a Mac site but have given so much stuff away that more Windows users use that site than Mac users.

    Their news is so far behind everyone else it’s not even funny.

    They are based in New York City, owned by (I beleive) a son of a wealthy construction company.

    They are very “new york city” oriented and think black on white are the best colors ever invented. They are cold and uncharitable people that inhabit that site.

    Despite their overwhelming user base, very little contribute to the sites Folding and distributed computing teams.

  5. 3.19 percent is massive when you consider the 4% market share and the fact there is still a lot of os9 users out there and a lot of mac firefox users, i think a 10% user base or more is more or less proved

  6. I work in the manufacturing industry. Management and sales reps from other companies I work with either have a Powerbook/Macbook Pro or plan on purchasing one when they replace their current laptop.
    When I started my job here 4 years ago, I had the only Mac. We know have 2 Macs and two Powerbooks. Only one Mac is used in the graphics department, the other 3 are with management. Now that Macs can run Windows, we will replace our Dell box’s with MAC’s as we buy new equipment. Our long term goal is to have our company running the MAC OS.
    Also our Windows trained IT tech has been aggresively promoting we move to an all MAC environment.
    By the way, I live in Canada and MAC’s are only getting more popular. (I’ve been using MAC’s since 1986 and this is the best growth I’ve seen for Apple. It’s also extremely rare to see an MP3 player that isn’t an iPOD.I know other ones exist, I seee them collecting dust at the electronic stores.)

  7. Safari is clearly way better than IE, but hey, that’s not saying much.

    Can any of you Mac Freaks list your reasons for using Safari instead of Firefox? I just ordered a Macbook, and will still likely use Firefox, as I have found it to be the best.

    So…Safari is good…why?

  8. Follow the history all the way.

    Market Share For Browsers shows Safari at 2.13% a year back, climbing steadily to 3.3% in April, then declining to 3.19%. I fully expect the numbers to resume their climb no later than September, but these are hardly the most important numbers ever.

    Four out of five browsers in use are IE for Windows. There isn’t a lot of incentive for web site designers to pay a lot of attention to #2 – a mere one in ten – much less number three – barely one in THIRTY. Sure … if you already HAVE a Mac running Panther or Tiger, you can take a few moments to check – but to keep one of each (or just one) around for that sliver? Not hardly likely. You have to be 100% certain it looks Good Enough for the IE for Windows crowd – the rest is gravy.

  9. e dub said:
    Safari is clearly way better than IE, but hey, that’s not saying much.

    Can any of you Mac Freaks list your reasons for using Safari instead of Firefox? I just ordered a Macbook, and will still likely use Firefox, as I have found it to be the best.

    So…Safari is good…why?

    I actually use both, but mostly Safari. You have to have one as your default (even if the OS didn’t demand it) and I went with Safari – on my Mac.
    I don’t like the look of Firefox as much as Safari
    I don’t notice any problems, slowdowns, instabilities, etc
    Were talking really minor points, here. But, when I look at my ‘blog (on Blogger) in Safari, the fonts are smooth while on Firefox they are broken up. Camino gets it right, too.

  10. I just got back from a local Apple store and saw a demo of It is basically a hosted application service provider. For $40+/year you can log into their servers and run a hosted copy of IE for Windows from your mac at native speeds. It is way cool. A lot of people in some Win only industries such as real state are signing up for it.

  11. I hate Safari – mainly because I can’t design sites that work properly for it. All my colums are always askew.

    They work perfectly in every other browser – both mac and pc.

  12. One of my favorite features on Safari is “Check as you type” spell checker.

    It makes activities like this one, typo free….Oh and it’s the ONLY browser on the market that has it (and has had it from the beginning), Opera has an add on that doesn’t really work.

    Without a question, Safari is simply the best browser on the market.

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