Apple’s Safari web browser market share grows over 60 percent during past year

“Apple’s Safari Web browser has the third highest market share, claiming 3.19 percent,” Kristie Masuda reports for SpyMac.

“Safari’s market share grew over 60 percent over the last year, according to Market Share by Net Applications,” Masuda reports.

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  1. It’s not so bad being a Mac only developer.

    Admittedly third sounds a lot better than 3.19% but, as I’ve said before, market isn’t everything. It is profitability that counts.

  2. Ya know, it’s weird.

    I’m a Mac consultant, and it seems like there are fewer and fewer businesses using Macs.

    A few years ago I had clients with tons of Macs. Now most people have just a precious few, and those companies seem to be dying out, and I primarily consult to the entertainment industry!

    Yet Apple hasn’t been hotter since I’ve concentrated on the Mac. I.e. since 1992.

    I guess Apple is becoming a consumer electronics company.

    Which means, ironically enough, as a professional IT person my opportunities to work with Macs are dwindling. Which means, ironically enough, that Apple’s success seems to be forcing me into the Windows world purely for economic survival.

  3. theloniousMac

    You may be right. IT market share is hard nut to crack for Apple and quite frankly the company’s focus is in the home market. MS owns IT and it may be too late for Apple (I hope I’m wrong). Apple’s best chances are in the small biz market but IT opportunities there may be limited.

  4. theloniousMac, i really hope that’s just in your geographic area because less Macs in any industry worries me.

    There are fewer Macs in education, but i always thought graphic, advertising and entertainment industries were strongholds, and everything else: film, broadcast, video, science, photo, music, consumer electronics were areas of growth.

  5. They have been 3rd for a long time. A TINY third.

    I guess some business don’t want to walk away from a tiny 6% shred of their customers but a lot of businesses can’t be bothered to spend the money on anything but supporting the true standard: Internet Explorer. Like or lump it. Why blow cash making your web site load on firefox and safari? It’s hardly ever worth it.

  6. >
    Which means, ironically enough, as a professional IT person my opportunities to work with Macs are dwindling. Which means, ironically enough, that Apple’s success seems to be forcing me into the Windows world purely for economic survival.>

    That’s ironic.

  7. I run a couple of sites with high traffic (1000s hits per day) Careful with Opera, is always fighting with Safari for the third place. what it is obvious is MAc winning space over Windows.

    BTW, I have been seeinf FF giving some space back to explorer over the past few weeks. It is just me?

  8. JEG: 3.19% isn’t nowhere near enough to get bone head developers to stop doing web apps with Active X crap and etc in them.

    EXACTLY. This is a worse problem than just an annoyance. Seems odd that Apple gets so much heat over the iPod/iTunes supposedly being a monopoly, even though it works on Macs and PCs. Meanwhile, there are banks, healthcare providers and even government agencies that have websites that are IE ONLY, which, as we all know, is only being supported/updated for the Windows operating system.

    Where’s the uproar about making websites non-exclusive? This seems like a no-brainer! Any company who provides online access & services on their web sites should be required to make it accessible to any browser!!

  9. Calling Intenet Explorer the “true standard” is a joke. IE does not follow the true standards- they’ve botched CSS in a big way for one. IE can’t even handle transparency and shadowing properly- something that Safari and Firefox handle without issue. It is actually easier to code pages to display as intended on Safari and Firefox. You have to make all sorts of tweeks and workarounds to make it look right on IE. It’s IE that is backwards- not the standards.

  10. I use Safari and Camino…and Camino is quicker, but it does lack the RSS support that Safari has. And nothing beats Firefox’s page refreshing quickness especially when viewing last second Ebay auction closings…

  11. Notice that MS is always claiming “choice is better” in their argument against the iPod, but when it comes to web browsers, they want nothing of the sort?

    I do agree with others- the use of Active X is the real problem because it locks into MS and is not cross platform.

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