CrossOver Mac allows Mac users to run Windows apps without Microsoft Windows

CrossOver Mac — CodeWeavers’ latest Windows-compatability product — is on its way. Intended for Intel Mac OS X machines, CrossOver Mac will allow Mac users to run their favorite Windows applications seamlessly on their Mac, without the need for a Windows OS license of any kind. Below are answers to some of the questions we are receiving on the product.

Some FAQ from CodeWeavers:
When Will CrossOver Mac Ship?
Late July/Early August 2006

What Applications Will it Run?
We intend for it to run all the applications that our current CrossOver Office product runs [including such titles as Microsoft Project 2000, Microsoft Outlook 2000, Microsoft Access 2000, Microsoft Outlook 2002 (XP), ,and more] with some new additions in the Microsoft 2003 version products. We also hope to offer support for a limited number of games. However, the final mix of supported applications is still being determined.

What Will it Cost?
CrossOver Mac will be priced at $59.95 for a single copy. Volume and Educational discounts will apply. CrossOver Mac will come with 1 year of both Level 2 support and free product upgrades from CodeWeavers.

Can I pre-order CrossOver Mac?
Not at this time.

Can I sign up for the Beta Test program?
Yes, but we have a backlog of testers. The best way to sign up for the Beta Test group is to email and request access to the beta. Please be aware that we already have a very large pool of testers and so your request may not be accepted. We will respond to all requests.

Will CrossOver Mac run on older versions of Mac OS?
No. It will only run on Mac OS X.

Will CrossOver Mac run on PowerPC Macs?
No. It will only run on Intel OS X Macs. Our underlying technology — Wine ( — requires an x86 architecture chip.

Will CrossOver Mac work with my printer?
Yes, it should work just fine.

More info about CrossOver Mac here.

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  1. “CrossOver Mac will allow Mac users to run their favorite Windows applications seamlessly on their Mac, without the need for a Windows OS license of any kind.”

    Holy Grail time.

  2. THAT’s what I’m talking about. If they can truly iron out some of the bugs, get the thing compatible with a large proportion of software (excluding games – that’s what Boot Camp is for) and provide a nice Mac-like experience throughout, then we have something here.

    And if they don’t, hopefully Apple will.

    Next step: Making those butt-fugly Windows programs LOOK better. How about an interpretive layer that automatically skins them like OS X programs? Now that would be ideal.

    MW: nearly – as in “nearly complete – the ultimate PC killer Mac”

  3. If this is what CodeWeavers can do, it kinda makes ya wonder what’s going on in the basement of Cupertino’s R&D department working with a billion dollar budget.

    If Apple makes a Rosetta-like Windows translator for OS X, that’d make MS Windows OS quickly obsolete with their 100,000 viruses/year and endless headaches.

    Schools and businesses will dump their MS Windows-only machines before the next purchase cycle.

    Soon the software developers will see how much easier it is to code directly for the Mac OS.

    The wind’s they are achangin’.
    Do ya feel it?

  4. 60 bucks isn’t really that much less than what you’ll pay on Ebay for a real copy of Windows as long as you don’t need XP Pro, in which case this thing wouldn’t e an options anyway. I guess the benefit is in being able to run it alongside OS X and not giving any money to Redmond. Unless I’m missing some other benefit.

  5. Based on my experience with CrossOver Office and Wine on the Linux platform, the supported apps will work great – the unsupported might work great, kinda work, or not work at all – depending on how the original software authors utilized the Windows API and how many hacks they employed.

    Over all, a great product if a native OS X app doesn’t exist.

  6. The wind’s they are achangin’.
    Do ya feel it?

    Yes. It it just coincidence that this was announced on the eve of Independence Day?

    Oh baby let the revolution begin! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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