Apple replacing discolored MacBook casing with new ‘stain-resistant’ plastics

“While cosmetic issues on Mac laptops and desktops have never been covered under AppleCare, Apple seems to have decided that the issues with discoloration on the casing of white MacBooks is, in fact, not necessarily due to improper handling by users but due to a manufacturing defect,” Jacqui Cheng reports for Ars Technica. “What kind of manufacturing ‘defect,’ you ask? Well, nobody knows. However, Apple is offering to replace the top case of your stained MacBook if you are being affected with the discoloration affliction.”

From SoftPedia:

Those with discolored MacBooks should contact AppleCare and inform them of the stain problem. The replacement top case should no longer have this issues, nor will the newest Macbooks as Apple seems to have changed the plastic, the newest MacBooks having a much smoother feel to them in those areas, while the ones with the problem feel rough.

Full article here.

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  1. does anyone know when apple started shipping the macbooks with the new top case pre-installed? is there a certain date at which the problem was resolved or has that been determined yet? (i.e. macbooks built after certain date.)

  2. Why the heck can’t Apple require that these manufacturers use a high quality plastic?

    And if Apple is requesting a lower quality plastics, then look what its getting them: Higher costs to replace the top covers of the iBook and all the negative press over the easy to scratch iPod nano.

    – Mark

  3. Just called Apple a few days ago and they will change my MacBook cover. They just asked a few questions, like “What color is the stain” and “where is it located” and “did you use any cosmetic products on your hands” and “How many hours do you use the MacBook per day.”

    If you have the problem, call them and they should send you the package to send your MacBook to AppleCare. They said I’d get mine within a week of sending it back in for the fix.

    Go Apple!

  4. I keep on taking the hateful responses from MDN and other posters here, but it’s interesting at least to reflect upon all the denial in this forum that this problem was more than dirty palms.

    Now, let’s get the overheating, noise, swelling/exploding batteries, and track pad problems resolved and we will have a product as good as everyone wants to claim and is worth the money we are charged for it.

  5. Pete Peterson, I’m not going to hate on you.

    In fact, I am going to help you out:
    1. Sell your iPod
    2. Go here and get yourself a new ‘puter:
    3. Go back to playing peecee video games in your basement

    Rock on Steve!
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