Symantec warns of new proof-of-concept ‘trojan horse’ for Mac OS X 10.4.6

“Anti-virus maker Symantec Corp. is warning that it has detected a new piece of malware that tries to exploit a flaw in Mac OS X systems that Apple Computer Inc. released a software security update to fix just three days ago,” Brian Krebs reports for The Washington Post.

“‘OSX.Exploit.Launchd,’ is a ‘Trojan horse’ program that exploits a security hole in OS X’s ‘launchD’ service, which controls which programs should boot up whenever a user restarts a Mac. According to Symantec, this exploit provides the attacker root access — or total control — over any Mac system running OS X version 10.4.6 or earlier,” Krebs reports.

Full article here.

In an article breathlessly and hyperbolically headlined, “Attack code out for Apple flaw” Joris Evers reports for CNET News, “Attack code that exploits a flaw in Apple Computer’s Mac OS X was publicly released Wednesday, increasing the urgency to patch… On Tuesday, Apple delivered Mac OS X 10.4.7. The operating system update repairs a total of five flaws. Four of them affect both the client version of Mac OS X. The other, in the ClamAV antivirus software, has an impact on the server release.”

MacDailyNews Take: “Four of them affect both the client version of Mac OS X?” They can’t even write coherent sentences to support the FUD.

Evers presses on, “The exploit was created by Kevin Finisterre, a security researcher at Digital Munition. Earlier this year, Finisterre created the Inqtana worm, which targets Mac OS X and spreads using an 8-month-old vulnerability in Apple’s Bluetooth software (see Patched in mid-2005 by Apple, Symantec warns ‘Inqtana-A’ worm could be ‘beginning of a trend’ – February 20, 2006). His actions are in part to demonstrate that Apple software is not unbreakable, he has said.”

MacDailyNews Take: Ah, the wonderment! Behold the massive and unparalleled coding skill required to create proof-of-concept Mac OS X malware anytime after Apple discloses the flaw and fixes it.

Full article, along with Evers and CNET being appropriately schooled by the majority of their readers in the feedback section, here.

MacDailyNews Take: In related news, Biff Tannen found Marty McFly’s sports almanac that Doctor Emmett L. Brown threw out because McFly wanted to use it in conjunction with the DeLorean time machine to make a bundle in sports gambling. Amazingly, Tannen then stole the DeLorean and used it to give the book to himself at some point in the past! Tannen used the almanac’s info – which contained final scores for games yet to be played – and became fabulously rich. Tannen now controls all of Hill Valley along with the desperate Symantec and their CNET lackeys.

Note: Apple on Tuesday released an update that closes the security hole that this unreleased proof-of-concept Trojan would exploit if it had ever been released in the wild before Mac OS X 10.4.7. Mac OS X users can update to Mac OS X 10.4.7 via Mac OS X’s Software Update or via standalone installers for which download links can be found here. As usual, we recommend that users keep their operating systems up to date.

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  1. YESS!!!!!!!!

    That is what I’m talking about MDN. That Biff… what is the matter with him? He’s not very bright:

    “Why don’t you make like a tree and get out of here”

    “That’s about as funny as a screen door on a battleship”

  2. spreads by Bluetooth?…So I am suppose to fear someone coming within Bluetooth range with an infected Mac?

    COME ON!!!

    Where are the network viruses and email viruses…even a good Word Macro virus would be more threatening!

  3. Doc: The Symantec!! RUN FOR IT MARTY!!

    MARTY: Let’s see if these bastards can do 90….

    90% market share is where apple will be in 2015. Will you get your car a hover conversion?

  4. Great closing analogy, MDN!

    “His actions are in part to demonstrate that Apple software is not unbreakable, he has said.”

    Somebody should tell this to use his skills for the betterment of mankind, rather than trying to prove points that don’t need proving.

    He must really want to get into the spotlight shining on Apple right now. Sometimes you have to give up the things you want the most to do what’s right.

  5. o…k…. so something that could have happened but never did can no longer happen. im sooo glad i know this so i dont have to worry about it – or i could have never known about it and not wrried about it lol

  6. “90% market share is where apple will be in 2015”

    would that be possible with apple doing the hardware and software? im sure legal issues would start to arise after 40-50% like licensing etc

  7. Andy,

    I am not sure, but I don’t think that that is true. A company is allowed to make multiple products that they sell work only with other products that they sell, such as Sony cameras and sony memory sticks, without doing anything illegal. I can’t imagine that just because a product is a hit it would all of a sudden become against the law.

  8. Also, Apple computers run plenty of operating systems (now including windows) as well as Macintosh, so I can’t imagine that if Apple computers take off any laws would be broken.

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