Wish List for Apple’s Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

“What is coming in Mac OS X 10.5, code-named Leopard? Does anyone outside the executive suite in Cupertino really know? Putting aside the half-baked rumors and hoax pages floating around Web, the truth must wait for Steve Jobs’ keynote address at the company’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in early August,” David Morgenstern writes for eWeek. “But that shouldn’t stop us from dreaming.”

Morgenstern’s short list of improvements that he’d like to see in Leopard:

More support for small businesses: The Mac platform needs an application or an integrated suite that provides the functions of Microsoft Outlook on the Windows platform.

Improved Windows support through virtualization: Apple can’t afford to rile Microsoft right now (or at any time, really). Microsoft can see the advantage of Mac users running copies of Windows on Intel Macs. But something like Wine would set off fireworks in Redmond.

Make Automator fit for ordinary people: Automator is great stuff, but still too tough at times for everyday use by ordinary users. Most Actions are scripted by professionals. It must be made more accessible and easy to use.

Refine Spotlight searching: I don’t know if I can express exactly what must be done to take Spotlight to the next level, however, I know it must improve.

Fix the performance of the Finder and the networking stack: Finder is still acting erratic at times and it too much to ask that Apple fully test on Windows networks—any and all Mac OS X releases—before they ship?

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  1. Okay. Let’s review.

    1) A lot of Outlook’s functions are integrated into OS X. What this guy wants is address book, calendar, sync, and mail meshed into 1 app. Plus he wants light task assignment in the same app. This is a design/usage philosophy question. There are ppl that cannot survive w/o this kind of app. Maybe Apple should just provide this a combination interface? This may ween the Windoze junkies off Outlook.

    2) Yeah Redmond will wig out. I think Parallel is the closest the Apple can get w/o Gates asking his buddy the PM of China to shower Cupertino with low yield nukes.

    3) Yeah and VB is easier….Morgenstern, you are just accustomed to VB. MS pushes it because it is based on Bill’s pride and joy technology GWBASIC.

    4)Gimme a break. Spotlight is unix find on speed w/ categorized cross application/location results…come on it don’t get any better than that.

    5) Well I think it is Microsofts responsibility to test it’s network software with any and all Apple OS’s before shipping. I mean it is the M$ software that is crap, why would Apple screw up software to be compatible with M$???

    Generally my only statement to Morgenstern is: RTFM! Of course all OS’s and application suites do not work exactly the same. duh!

    Just my $0.02

  2. How about:

    Apple buys Parallels and implements Workstation (if not something like Wine)

    Apple licenses PopCopy 2 and puts it in the OS.

    Some type of Excel replacement to complete Apple’s MS Office competitor. (Pages & Keynote so trump Word & Powerpoint)

    Apple includes a sample video inside every Windows Quicktime/iTunes download with features of OS X.

  3. How about a decent spreedsheet for those of us unwilling to run exloitabe Microsoft code on our boxes?

    I couldn’t beleive even OfficeMac is exploitable, but’s 100% true.

    Microsoft is like a old racehorse that needs to be taken out to the glue factory and shot.

  4. 1) Darwine-like functionality. Accept no substitute
    2) Make iWork really work by turning it into Apple’s version of MS Office.
    3) Spotlight is fine
    4) The stack does suck…but the BSD stack has always been a little not right. Can’t blame this on MS. You need to blame the guy from BBN who first wrote it many, many cycles ago.
    5) Like the PopCopy 2 suggestion.
    6) How about a leaner Safari? Safari still bleeds too much memory.

  5. Yep, I’m one of those too…. but I was listening to my iPod at the time while working, and this great song came on, and I really couldn’t keep my fingers from typing what I was hearing….

    I apologize if I was intruding on your nerdom… oh wait, no I’m not.

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