Where are the MacBook-compatible MagSafe adapters for cars and airplanes?

“Apple’s MagSafe power connector for MacBooks is revolutionary (except for a few issues, that is) but true mobile technologists spend a lot of time between wall power outlets and the lack of MagSafe adapters for cars and airplanes is starting to become a liability,” Jason D. O’Grady blogs for ZDNet. “Maybe Apple doesn’t want us to use our MacBooks and MacBook Pros on the road?”

O’Grady writes, “Granted, the MagSafe power connector is a complicated beast. The boxy connector end is made of 14 discrete parts and probably difficult to manufacture, but if Apple expects to position their notebooks as true mobile computers they need to offer a 12-volt power plug (for cars) and an EmPower in-seat power plug (for commercial aircraft).”

“…Third-party developers aren’t able to create MagSafe accessories without Apple’s blessing. If Apple isn’t going to let third parties (like Madsonline, Lind, BTI, SmartDisk, Kensington) under the kimono, they need to develop an auto/airline adapter of their own – soon,” O’Grady writes.

Full article here.

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  1. This pisses me off. I bought a 140 Wh external battery for my G4 Powerbook from Lind, giving me an additional 8 hrs on the road, and they are not allowed to offer a MagSafe adapter for my new MacBookPro which they would like to do. Apple refuses to license out the use of the MagSafe connector.
    Come on, Apple, the accessory market is what helps the iPod sales. Same goes for laptops.

  2. APPL will probably come out with mobile power adapaters soon, but that’ll probably charge $99 – $129 for them (an exclude others from making them, so this expensive solution becomes your only option).

    I believe APPL will eventually face a consumer backlash for doing stupid, greedy shyt like this (i.e. iTunes only work with iPods).

  3. No, that’s not a good solution. When you travel you need lightweight stuff. And a power inverter is great for the car but not for a plane.

    I don’t care who makes it even if it is Apple. Just make it.

    And to Nick…first of all why the need to curse in a post Stuff wouldn’t have cut it and if you think the world is upset about iTunes/iPod you’re wrong, a handful of people maybe but the majority of us wants something that works perfectly and “whole widget” IS the right way to go.

  4. Power inverters sound like a good solution for the car.

    Anyone know somethig similar that will work on the plane?

    Is it only business class and above that have power outlets or are coach seats included?

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