announces record Q2 sales based on high demand for Apple Macs

Apple StoreComputer & AV Solutions, a leading privately-held technology rental company, has announced record-setting Q2 rental sales based on phenomenal demand for Mac OS-based computers. Hot on the heels of a very strong first Quarter, overall Mac earnings in the Second Quarter saw a jump of 121.3%. Rentals of existing PowerMac models increased by 348.7%. These sales figures are the largest Quarter over Quarter increase since started to offer Apple Macintosh computers in 1989. has been able to leverage demand generated by Apple Computer advertising by creatively approaching the existing Mac user base looking for more horsepower and the Windows customers thinking about changing computing platforms. “Apple Computer has cornered the market on innovative and eye-catching advertising,” Said CEO Cuyler Tremayne in the press release. “The ‘I’m a Mac- I’m a PC’ campaign has captured everyone’s attention. We’re seeing strong Mac interest from the elusive enterprise market. Several of our high profile clients have been investigating migrating entire departments to Apple technology. This new demand is helping to drive our growth.”

Demand was seen across all sectors but a successful marketing campaign emphasizing solutions designed for the Creative Professional and targeted on Mac OS community websites was instrumental in increasing rental sales among first time Mac renters. Starting in May 2006, the new marketing campaign increased traffic to the website by 300% over the previous two months. Website page views increased by over 400%. The highly targeted internet advertising received over 35 million impressions in the 30 day period ending in June, 2006.

Rental packages were designed to attract users of the wildly popular desktop video editing software Final Cut Pro and priced at a low rental rate of $95 per week for either a mobile or desktop editing station. Punctuated by tagline “Try Before You Buy,” rental customers were able to test drive systems and software before ultimately making the larger expenditure of purchasing a new Mac.

IT Manager Scott Zeitlin has known about the benefits of for years. “Renting [computers] lets me put new computers on desks without straining my budget. Several of the department heads have been asking about using Macs to run both Mac OS X and Windows XP” referring to Apple’s Boot Camp technology that allows new Intel-based Macs to run both operating systems. “We can set-up several test systems and integrate them with our inventory without having to make a massive investment. is also great because I also get 24/7 help with deployment, troubleshooting and help desk support. They’re like an outsourced tech support team”

Increased cultural demand for Macs also spurred Entertainment Industry clients looking for Mac ‘prop’ computers for the television and film production. Although a very small percentage of rental sales, the use of Apple equipment in popular entertainment is a leading indicator for the overall marketplace. The entertainment industry has learned that characters in movies and popular television shows can be portrayed as smart, hip consumers by the products they use on-screen. This on-screen use of Apple computers further reinforces the market buzz and ultimately leads to increased sales and rentals.

Looking forward, is eagerly anticipating the announcement of an Intel-based replacement for the PowerMac line of desktop computers. Although the current models are renting at a record level, the demand for more computing horsepower is growing at a tremendous rate. “When Apple released the MacBook Pro, the phones started ringing off the hook,” said CEO Tremayne. “We couldn’t get the machines into our rental inventory fast enough.” The powerful laptops, based on Intel’s Core Duo technology, met the demands of rental customers nationwide. Whether used for on-the-fly video editing or attached to an LCD Projector for a corporate presentation, the MacBook line of computers satisfied the most demanding mobile professionals.

Expectations for an Intel-based desktop computer from Apple are running strong. High performance software like Aperture, Final Cut Studio, Adobe Creative Suite and Shake require ever increasing processing strength. Tremayne continued “Our clients are demanding workstation level performance and we can’t wait to get it to them. We’re already seeing rental budgets getting allocated and the machine is still months away. That kind of pent-up demand is unprecedented and very exciting. That’s what we are all about at, we get today’s technology on your desk tomorrow.”

Founded in 1980 in Los Angeles, CRE — Computer & AV Solutions is a nationwide leader of computer and laptop rentals, audiovisual rentals, plasma rentals and more for corporate and special events with services throughout the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, it’s a niche market. Yes, it could be just a random anomaly. But, it could also be early evidence of something else entirely. Is the personal computing renaissance finally dawning?

Remember: Now is the time to welcome Windows. Many people really believe that they actually need Windows. Fighting it hasn’t worked. It’s too ingrained. So, give them what they think they want; loudly trumpet the Mac’s ability to run Windows. Mention Intel, that helps, too. Embrace now and the extinguishing will take care of itself soon enough.

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  1. I think that more than any of the other signs we’ve seen so far (PC journos switching, analysts forcasting etc.), this is the most significant. Solid proof that recent Apple strategies are having a big effect in the computer marketplace. Countdown has finished and blast off has begun.

  2. ‘That’s what we are all about at, we get today’s technology on your desk tomorrow.”

    I’m no advertising guru but wouldn’t it sound better as

    ‘That’s what we are all about at, we get tomorrow’s technology on your desk today.”

  3. Dirty–

    It would sound MUCH better that way, I think. About this being a sign, it sure is. It’s unlikely that these rentals are all from regular folk. These are businesses who are open-minded and nimble enough to try out the Macs. If they work, expect these numbers to continually grow.

    Can’t wait to hear Apple’s financials– they’re in July, right?

  4. David: “What’s a ‘rental sale’, from the first sentence? Is that like a rental?”

    I’m pretty sure that a rental sale is when a rented machine is subsequently purchased by the renter. This turns a rental into a sale.

  5. I’m a bit pissed at MDN’s “Windows sucks. Period.” mentality. There are many things that you just can’t get on the Mac. Yes the OS itself sucks but it’s the software that counts. And yes, MDN, some people do NEED Windows. They can try to do a complete switch as much as they want, some people just have to have Windows.

  6. Best of both worlds? What exactly is best about the Windows XP world? More applications. That’s it. Some developers make Windows-only applications. Of course, if they’re good and/or popular apps, they are usually found on both platforms, but there are some exceptions (AutoCAD, custom apps for businesses, etc.). Mac OS X has tens of thousands of applications available, but, still, WIndows does have more. Everything else however, from UI to stability to security to attention to detail, is “best” in Mac OS X. So the only thing Windows offers that Mac doesn’t is that it’s more “popular,” therefore it has more applications. And Fords have more aftermarket cup holders available for them than BMWs do, too. So, ironically, the only reason for the use of the word “best” in “best of both worlds” in regard to Windows is based on quantity, not quality.

    MacDailyNews Take, June 23, 2006

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