The Washington Post’s Pegoraro: ‘Just get a Mac’

Apple StoreThe Washington Post’s Rob Pegoraro is often online to answer readers’ personal tech questions and discuss recent reviews.

A few Q&As caught our eye:

Virginia Beach, VA: Livecare, macAfee, Norton, etc: Why aren’t the costs of these services considered when purchasing a Windows machine? I keep hearing that Macs are overpriced, but don’t recall needing to subscribe to a antiviral package.
Rob Pegoraro: In the computing industry, the phrase for this kind of calculation is “TCO,” or total cost of operation. And you should think about these costs–financial and otherwise–when buying a computer or any other complex electronic device.

Dave (Fairfax, VA): I want to migrate from a PC to a Mac. In the meantime, I want to use an external hard disc to back up my PC data and eventually move it to the Mac. Can I buy an HFS+ disk now to back up my PC data; or do I have to buy NTFS hard disk now, and reformat it HFS+ after I’ve moved the data to a Mac?
Rob Pegoraro: Nope. Get your external hard drive, format it as a FAT32 disk, and you can use it with your Mac and your PC interchangeably. (FAT32, NTFS and HFS+ are all disk file-system formats; the first two are Microsoft standards, while the last is Apple’s.)

DC: Hi Rob- Hope you can take my question. Looking to buy a new laptop to replace a desktop that has been “hijacked”. What do I need to know as I go shopping? I want to make sure it comes loaded with proper protection. Thanks!
Rob Pegoraro: You can’t–nobody sells a Windows PC, AFAIK, with a really good set of security software. Best you can do is to buy whatever computer meets your needs, then follow the items in this checklist: Basic Rules Plus Common Sense Add Up to Security

Or, you know, you could just get a Mac.

Full Q&A session here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Whit” for the heads up.]

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  1. I just had breakfast with someone who bought an iBook for his daughter last year and is really impressed with the new I’m a Mac commercials. I think the tide is begining to rise.

  2. There are a lot (probably a majority) of people who will always settle for the just good enough solution (PC’s) and not appreciate what the Mac platform has to offer, but there are plenty who will, and it’s starting to look like they are getting it. It takes this sort of thing some time to get rolling because people inherently do not like change but it appears to be working.

  3. ‘PC Pro’ magazine is running a feature called: “Mac vs. Vista”. The articles deal with should one consider switching.

    I was amused because of course “Vista” doesn’t exist! Things are so bad in the peecee camp that they are resorting to comparing Mac OS X Tiger to the Vista vaporware . Comparing currently shipping products from Apple and M$ would be like pitting a Tiger shark (pun intended) against a gold fish (Windblows of course).

    Rock on Steve!
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    MDN Magic Word: “serious”. They can’t be.

  4. Besides the problem with security, does anybody have ever tried installing software in windows, and then installed the same software for Mac? in windows, there are a bunch of DLLs, registry keys and OCxs that takes too much space and can o t be removed if you uninstall the software because can damage windows. In Mac, you just trow it to the trash and that is it. Windows is a pain in the (*^% not just for security, but also for stability and esay of use and maintain.

  5. if you were going to buy a new car and were told you will need to purchase a pair of jumper cables, 12 quarts of oil, some powersteering fluid, a perrinial tow truck membership, AAA, and two spare tires (for good measure) to be out the door and running, would you?

    Sound Crazy?????

    Well . . . . you have no idea . . .!

  6. Prama (a.k.a. Troll) said: “Three percent global market share, baby. THREE PERCENT!!!”.

    Ah, you fool, even if you take the most pessimistic number on “market share” for Macintosh of 2.5% and not the highest of 5.5%, this only refers to current year’s shipped units. It does not apply to “install base”. The most conservative numbers on install base are around 12%! The growth numbers for Macs are running well above the industry norm as well.

    I for one don’t want the Mac install base to go much beyond 16% (bell curve stuff). Because it would mean more of the mass market shit heads like you would own a Mac and walk around claiming to be “Mac guys”. So please sell your iPod and go back to playing video games in the basement.

    Rock on Steve!
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    MDN Magic Word: “data”. MDN does it again!

  7. Mr. MacMania,

    You are sooooo right. I am sick of reading the same shit as well. Vista does not even exist and they are all wetting their shorts with all the wonderful things it will have…….

    Straw clutchers all of them!


  8. > I for one don’t want the Mac install base to go much beyond 16%

    i for two don’t want the mac base to grow beyond what makes the mac stay around forever,. that was always the fear. if the unwashed masses want to waste their time and money with peecees that’s fine by me.

  9. Given all of the media hype around Intel Macs and how everyone should be buying them. How much longer will Apple support PPC based systems already installed? Will 10.5 or maybe 10.4 be the last OS that supports PPC? I have three PPC Macs, and to me comparisons to Vista mean nothing since I am more concerned about future of PPC, at least in the short term, or rather the lack of a the future of PPC.

  10. Vista doesn’t appear to offer anything wonderful from my POV. I’m Apple all the way, but no fanboy, but with all of the so-called inovations removed, it seems that all of the new stuff that’s left are OS X rip-offs; that point has been practically conceeded by several Doze tech writers.

    And what’s so wonderful about needing a minimum of 1 gig ram and a $400 video card to get all of the visual goodies of “Aero”?

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