CEO Steve Jobs to preview Mac OS X ‘Leopard’ with team of Apple execs at WWDC 2006 keynote

Apple today announced that CEO Steve Jobs will headline a team of Apple executives, including Philip Schiller, senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing; Bertrand Serlet, senior vice president of Software Engineering; and Scott Forstall, vice president of Platform Experience, to kick off the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with a keynote preview of Mac OS X “Leopard” on Monday, August 7, 2006, beginning at 10:00 a.m. at San Francisco’s Moscone West. Throughout WWDC, developers will receive detailed information and best practices on developing Universal applications that take advantage of the performance of Intel-based Macs, including special sessions on performance optimization using Apple software development tools.

The five-day event, which runs from August 7 to August 11, will deliver more than 175 technical sessions and labs with new content designed to serve a wide range of Mac developers, including tracks that preview Leopard and dozens of hands-on labs providing opportunities to work developer-to-developer with Apple engineers.

Other activities at Apple’s WWDC 2006 include:
• presentation sessions led by engineers and experts delivering the technical information needed to take advantage of current technologies in Tiger, and get ready for what’s coming in Leopard
• hands-on sessions that allow developers to bring their notebooks and get firsthand knowledge of Apple’s best practices for leveraging technologies like Spotlight, Core Image, Xgrid, Core Data, Quartz Composer and more
• hands-on, technology specific labs where developers can work one-on-one with Apple engineers to solve problems and answer questions
• extra focus on digital media, system administration, game development and scientific computing communities
• special events and activities including the opening night’s Apple Developer Connection Reception, Apple Design Awards, Stump the Experts and Late Night Labs

The cost of the five-day conference is US$1,595 per attendee, with a $300 Early Registration Discount that has been extended through July 7. Visit Apple’s WWDC website for registration and complete session details at

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  1. Reading this press release I think we can discern two things:

    1 – This is going to be a pretty exciting release (especially when you have the VP of Platform Expereience mentioned in the press release – Phil Schiller’s usually a given).

    2 – The rumors of Apple changing 10.5’s name were wrong.

  2. Resolution Independence will be excellent, really looking forward to a new Finder that DOESN’T HANG when a remote volume is not available. I keep asking my colleague to leave her Mac on, but she keeps switching it off. I only realise this when I get a Beachball for 5 minutes, then eventually a message that tells me it’s looking for ‘Cynthia’s Mac’, then the option to disconnect.

    Come on Apple, how hard can this be?

  3. I’m guessing they will demonstrate the new video iPod showing a dancing monkey trained to throw chairs and during the presentation will make an intentional verbal slip referring to the monkey character as 10.5 LEPER.

  4. Lets see. Jobs’ previewed Tiger in June 2004 and it shipped in April 2005. So if he previews Leopard in August 2006, it should ship around June 2007. So if it ships anytime before that, I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  5. CEO Steve Jobs to preview Mac OS X ‘Leopard’ with team of Apple execs at WWDC 2006 keynote

    [url=””>And this is what “Lepoard” had to say[/url]

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