VMware VP: ‘we have VMware running on Mac OS X in our labs – stay tuned’

virtualization.info has interviewed Raghu Raghuram, Vice President of Platform Products at VMware. One questions touched on VMWare’s plans for the Apple operating system:

VI: Parallels Inc., the last company entered in the virtualization market, just released a desktop virtualization product for new Apple Mac OS X for Intel architectures, beating any competitor on time.
Customers are a bit surprised the market leader, founding its success on a high quality desktop product like VMware Workstation, is still mum about a possible presence in the Apple operating system. Isn’t VMware interested in Apple market?

RR: With Apple switching to x86-based processors, robust and proven virtualization capabilities for Apple users is an interesting opportunity. We have stated that we do have VMware running on Mac OS X in our labs – stay tuned for future announcements in this area.

Full interview here.

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  1. im already running windows programs like excel and outlook and ie on mac os x without windows/virtualization, im running an alpha version wich works quite well from codeweavers.. so stay tuned in the comming months!!!!!!!!

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