VMware VP: ‘we have VMware running on Mac OS X in our labs – stay tuned’

virtualization.info has interviewed Raghu Raghuram, Vice President of Platform Products at VMware. One questions touched on VMWare’s plans for the Apple operating system:

VI: Parallels Inc., the last company entered in the virtualization market, just released a desktop virtualization product for new Apple Mac OS X for Intel architectures, beating any competitor on time.
Customers are a bit surprised the market leader, founding its success on a high quality desktop product like VMware Workstation, is still mum about a possible presence in the Apple operating system. Isn’t VMware interested in Apple market?

RR: With Apple switching to x86-based processors, robust and proven virtualization capabilities for Apple users is an interesting opportunity. We have stated that we do have VMware running on Mac OS X in our labs – stay tuned for future announcements in this area.

Full interview here.

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  1. Damn, and I just bought Parallels. I have been very happy with Parallels actually. I am shocked at the speed in which this product was developed. High-quality stuff.

    One feature I’d like to see, and it would be tricky due to certain driver issues, would be to use my Boot Camp partition for my Parallels virtual machine image. It would be MUCH more useful to share a single drive for vitualization and booting XP natively.

    If VMWare can do that in short order and Parallels can not, then I’ll kick myself. Until then, I have a solution that works wonderfully. I don’t regret it at all, knowing VMWare may some day release their own software for the Mac. My first sentence was just for attention.

  2. Static Mesh:
    What people want is to be able to run Windows programs in Mac OS X without Windows.

    Doubleclick the app and it runs.

    Windows or their mimicked API’s are a plug in and sandoxed from Mac OS X.

    yes it would be cool. But who would then still be developing for Macs? Adobe and all the other big software companies would just not bother creating Mac Apps, when you can run Windows apps natively.

  3. “What people want is to be able to run Windows programs in Mac OS X without Windows.”

    No they don’t. Not real Mac users at least.

    What Mac users want is for developers to make Mac OS X versions of their programs. Using all of the unique interface elements available in Mac OS X.

    Since developers won’t do that, we have to settle for using some apps with the crippled and crappy Windows UI on our Macs.

    It sucks, but it’s better than nothing, I guess.

  4. Im a bit surprised, but not dissapointed that apple is pushing parallels on its website.

    I really do think that leopard will make use of virtualisation built into intel chip sets and there will be no need for parallels once leopard hits the shelves.

    but its a selfless move from apple. although it is i have to admit very beneficial to them to promote something with this much potential switching power to the public.

    from the wording on the bootcamp webpage i get the feeling bootcamp is definately a stepping stone to the virtualsation features in leopard.

    It’ll be very very interesting to see what improvements apple can make over the parallels effort.

  5. Where’s the ‘preference’ selection to remove that amazingly annoying ad for some crap site that is jiggling about to the right of this text-entry box? No Deal – EVER

    I suspect VMWare is holding back, waiting for Leopard. Will Leopard supplant such products? Make them easier to support? Something else? Apple has stated, for the record, that Leopard will include something involving running multiple OSs on MacIntels and they don’t want to either
    a) have their code co-opted by the OS
    b) have to do a re-write to take advantage of the new functionality.

    There’s also the possibility their code is running in the labs on a Beta-Leopard system – that it requires Leopard to run.

  6. i have not had the luxury of looking at available APIs, but I bet that you’ll find all the hooks and base code for virtualization on an intel mac.
    that would be a dream.

    how could Parallels come up with a program, out of the blue, and working so well already?
    i don’t buy that they are just good programmers.

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