Patent hints Apple may incorporate Intel’s ‘unified desktop interface’ in Mac OS X Leopard

“On June 22, the US Patent & Trademark Office revealed Intel’s patent application titled ‘Method, apparatus and system for transparent unification of virtual machines,'” Neo reports for Macsimum News.

“The patent states that ‘given the complexity and processing requirements of virtualization, this technology has typically been available only on workstations, servers and/or mainframes for use by sophisticated users. As processor technology advances, however, virtualization is being made available in the desktop environment for use by average users.’ Considering the fact that the patent relates to average consumers using advanced virtual machine technology, the chances are high that Apple will take advantage of Intel’s ‘unified desktop interface’ in their next iteration of OS X, dubbed Leopard. What’s described herein goes far beyond the initial capabilities of Apple’s current Boot Camp solution,” Neo reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Tacitus” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: MDN reader “Tacitus” asked in his email to us, “Is this the death of the OS as we know it?” What do you think? A unified interface that controls apps using separate virtual machines is an interesting concept to say the least. Just how radical is Apple planning to be with Leopard?

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  1. @ Chris:

    The Microsoft/Apple agreement specifically gave Apple access to technology within a certain timeframe. It’s a fact that Apple had access to the Windows XP APIs. It remains to be seen whether they took advantage of that.

    I can’t imagine that they didn’t.

  2. MegaMe + Chris:

    People, people!! The word is spelt: P A T E N T, patent… geddit?! My god, you’ve all got a dictionary sat at your fingertips through widgets. It ain’t hard to check.

    Oh, and by the way MegaMe, “compitible” is spelt compatible.

    Schools…. what are they good for, really…!

  3. Notice to all………. when tiger came out, there was multiple previews even before the prelude to the launch….. has Apple done any previews with this upcoming product??? NO!!… Why would you not preview a product, why be even more secretive about a product than you typically are???
    We are going to see something that may or may not seem as big as it’s eventually going to be.
    Ånd also of importance is this, Put your copy of Pirates of Silicon Valley in, forward to the part where Jobs and Woz are with Captain crunch and Jobs says something like…. ” It’s like in those other countries where the Army guys overthrow the government and the first thing the do is take over the newspapers and phone lines, they take control over the way people communicate, information is power.”
    Now, how much control is Apple ultimately going to end up with over the way we communicate? I personally don’t have a clue, but I do know that they have a giant start in the process.


  4. Charlie,

    The word is “S P E L L E D” not “SPELT.” Get it? My God, you’ve got a dictionary at your fingertips, USE IT. Especially if you are gonna correct other peoples grammar errors.

  5. How ambitious. Maybe instead Apple might, oh I don’t know, fix the fucking Finder. If they can do that and add seamless virtualization then great, but for a company that can’t even bother to fix the Zoom button, or the full disclosure feature, or implement real FTP functionality, I will remain, as ever, dubious.

    And thanks, macaholic, that 3D desktop looks pretty promising. I still wonder about determining content, though. Unlike Clutter, documents like PDFs are harder to thumbnail and achieve some functional representation of the document’s content. The demo looked a lot more reasonable when they demonstrated it with photos and larger web page snapshots but when dealing with a bunch of nondescript and similar icons, it becomes less functional (though still possibly better than the current paradigm).

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