Mac mini + Toyota Prius = touchscreen Front Row goodness

Jeremy Kusnetz’s, “Mac Prius” website has been updated today with a new picture of the Mac mini installed in the Toyota Prius and a QuickTime movie showing Apple’s Front Row being controlled by the Prius’s MFD touch screen.

Kusnetz used a professional-grade scan converter to convert the VGA signal from the Mac mini’s video output to the Prius’ NTSC touchscreen display. To get the touchscreen to work with Front Row, he wrote a custom Perl script.

Check it out the pictures and movies, download the Perl script, read more about his project here.

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  1. Some of us spend a lot of time on the road for our jobs which often means eating lunch in the car while sitting in a parking lot somewhere. It’s be nice to watch a little video, see some pix, listen to a little music, etc.

    Now, if I can only find some free open Wi-Fi get the streaming Movie Trailers to work…

  2. We need more distractions while we are driving.

    Just a few days ago a kid drove across the center line and hit a woman head on. Her and her unborn child were killed. He lost control while he was trying to manipulate his cell phone.

    There should be less of this stuff, not more.

  3. shame on you mac prius…i really from the bottom of my heart start wishing that there will be less to NONE accidents due to this things….what a shame to lose life and to lose only chance to see wonderful things like seasons, love, friendships, relations, happiness, your first baby, growing up years of that wonderful relations around your life before going to heaven…i really wish people would start thinking about safety before doing things

  4. these stupid people commenting above are ignoring the fact that you have done something amazing. i am very impressed. have you attempted to add to the rom/firmware of the nav unit? good job! people like you should be congratulated, not given crap for causing accidents.
    (anyone seen the hummer h2 on that drove off a freeway bridge because the driver was watching a dvd? lol. thats down to the driver being a dumbass, not the dvd’s. theres a time and a place…

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