Gartner forecasts NAND shortage if Apple unveils 10-12GB flash-based iPod this fall

“There will be a shortage of NAND flash by the fourth quarter, Gartner Inc. predicts, especially if Apple Computer Inc. unveils a NAND-flash iPod music player with 10-to-12 gigabytes of storage capacity this fall,” Matt Andrejczak reports for MarketWatch.

‘We’re expecting a more severe shortage,’ Gartner analyst Joe Unsworth said in a phone interview. Apple has yet to make any annoucement about whether it will sell an iPod with more than 4GB of NAND flash memory,” Andrejczak reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Earlier this month, DigiTimes reported that Apple had booked considerable capacity at flash makers and is likely to debut a new version of its iPod with a larger memory capacity. See related articles.

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  1. What we need is a NAND based 8-10″ MacBook Mini with digital optical outputs, no cd or harddrive. With a single core processor and integrated graphics.

    Call it a “Pocketbook Mac” or something, this way it can serve our web/email/iTunes/small games needs on the road. Like a glorified PDA.

    I don’t like Palms or BlackBerry’s.

    I already got a monster machine at home and the MB/MBP are too frigging hot, fragile and expensive.

  2. I agree with the 8-10″ MacBook Mini concept.

    It always struck me as strange that Apple chose the 13.3″ MacBook which is (externally) not hugely different from the MBP (ignoring ports and internals), leading me to think there must be something coming at the small end for the 12″ PB/iBook/Vaio/big PDA people. If it has FireWire, fast wireless or external options then a huge number of items could be ‘sacrificed’ to get the smaller form factor (1xUSB, 1 x FW 400, sound in/out, plug-in modem option, no ethernet, Airport 802.11n, bluetooth, monitor port, plug-in superDrive option, Core Duo, 64 M graphics, up to 2 M RAM, 8 G Flash RAM for longer battery life).

    I would even pay more than a MacBook for it, but I would hope CPU speed would not be one of the sacrifices.

  3. Nice dreaming. Just think about the next OS-version.

    ‘Educated’ guess: Tiger has not yet reached the flexibility to move into a tablet form-factor. If I recall reading some rumors about Leopard on it’s graphic capabilities, then there will be a host of new technologies that will make it far more realistic to think about such an idea.

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