When will Apple CEO Steve Jobs follow Bill Gates’ lead and step down?

“What would happen to the arguably most iconic and hip consumer products company if the charismatic and intricate design aficionado Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple Computer? With longtime nemesis Bill Gates announcing last week that he’ll be stepping down from day-to-day operations at Microsoft in 2008, that leaves the door open for Jobs to do the same — if he’s ready,” Brian White writes for Blogging Stocks in his article entitled “Steve Jobs: when will you follow Bill Gates’ lead?”

MacDailyNews Note: Steve Jobs has never followed Bill Gates’ lead in anything, so why would he magically start now?

White continues, “Both in their 50s, Jobs and Gates have one of the most unique and fiercely competitive rivalries in business history. While Gates chose to license his company’s flagship computer operating system over 20 years ago, Jobs has been incredibly determined to keep control over the Apple universe for as long as he’s been leading the company which he co-founded. Both approaches, by any measure, have been successful, although Microsoft gets more attention. Or is that Apple?”

“Jobs’ fascination and greedy control on ensuring Apple completely dominates the end-to-end consumer solution — which is not a bad thing in many cases for simplicity alone — could come to and end once he leaves Apple. But then again, he’s probably loading the Apple management team with folks that share his zany — but ultimately and incredibly successful — management and product philosophy,” White writes.

Full article here.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) also tackled the “what happens when Steve Jobs steps down” question by asking their readers’ opinions here.

Of course, our own SteveJack tackled this question way back in August 2003 with his ominously-titled article, “What happens when Steve Jobs dies?” When Jobs exits — hopefully via retirement, not death — Jonathan Ive, will be Apple’s next CEO SteveJack wrote then and still believes today.

Full article here.

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  1. Much ado about nothing. Isn’t microsoft now famous for anouncing things two years in advance that end up taking 6 years to half happen.

    And I fully agree with MDN’s take. Jobs following Gate’s lead !!!??? unlikely.

    How about we see it in the usual order of things. Jobs left Apple many years ago. Gate’s is now following Job’s lead (as usual). But will he live long enough to come back as Jobs did given that he only follows his lead decades late.

  2. Hmmm, when should Steve step down? Maybe when his OS’s security is the laughing stock of the tech industry and he can’t get his company to ship an OS 4-5 years late. And maybe when he has to steal all of his ideas from another company that actually “inovates”.

  3. “But then again, he’s probably loading the Apple management team with folks that share his zany — but ultimately and incredibly successful — management and product philosophy,”

    Why is it zany if it’s an ‘incredibly successful — management and product philosophy’?

  4. MDN/SteveJack (like you’re two different people!)-

    Your 2003 article wasn’t “ominously-titled”. Not quite the right word for what you mean.

    “Ominous” means “giving the impression that something bad is going to happen.” Your article title merely asked a question. A good question, but not ominous, since it’s already a given that Steve Jobs will die just like you and I will.

    An ominously titled article would have been “Steve Jobs is Going to Die!” Rather than being ominous, your article was “morbidly-titled”.

    Just helping you (and your readers) out with your diction… I won’t even touch the inappropriate comma in that last sentence.

  5. If anything is obvious, Jobs decides things for himself. Taking the lead is his life story. I doubt there’s little Jobs and Gates do in common. I mean… Steve surely wouldn’t stoop so low as to put his pants on one leg at a time. He would teleport into them or something…

  6. I predict that Bill Gates’ supposing two years of transition period will slip, like Longhorn or Vista or whatever, and becomes much longer like five or even eight years. Just you wait and see.

  7. The last time Steve Jobs stepped down, Apple nearly died. Now it’s back and better than ever all due to Steve.

    I hope Steve NEVER stepps down. No matter how many idiot journalists think he should copy whatever Gates does as if it’s the logical thing to do.

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