Why isn’t this in Mac OS X already (part 2)?  The American Balloon releases PopCopy 2

The American Balloon, a professional wrestler (Wrestling-related homepage at http://www.balloonsault.com) and Mac Shareware programmer, has released PopCopy 2. PopCopy is an application that sits in the menubar, and keeps a history of any and all text, images, or files that have been copied to the clipboard. The user can also select an item by pressing a user-defined (by default Command+Shift+V) hotkey combination, which presents the user with a menu to choose a previously copied item, and when the hotkey is released, places this item into the clipboard, and pastes it into the frontmost app.

PopCopy 2 was completely rewritten, sports new features like customizable hotkeys, a new hotkey interface which lets the user preview three items at once, and better item previewing in the menubar, letting you see a submenu with the full path of a file, a larger preview of an image, or a longer preview of text. PopCopy 2 also adds support for text from Microsoft Office.

Here’s how PopCopy works:
• Copy or Cut an item from any application. A file, picture, or text item. It shows in the MenuBar in truncated fashion.
• Copy another item. It shows in your MenuBar and the history of what you’ve copied (or cut) in a drop down menu. You can preview/store pictures, files, and text that was previously copied into the clipboard.

If you need to get back to the item you previously copied, you can do one of two things.
A: Use the PopCopy menu in the menubar to reselect your previously copied item.
B: Hold the hotkey (Command + Shift + V), then use your arrow keys to select the item.

PopCopy is offered as a trial download and a full version costs US$14.

View the video to see what PopCopy 2 can do via YouTube:

Direct link to video: http://www.popcopy.net/Movie.html

More info and download link here.

MacDailyNews Retake: Sheesh, why isn’t this in the OS already?! Anyway, this thing is exactly what the doctor ordered for us. Now we can just copy a quote from here, cut an image from there, copy the URL from over there, and use PopCopy’s menu to grab everything off our Clipboard while working in ExpressionEngine instead of tabbing around in Safari like lunatics all day. We’ve tried other “multiple clipboard” apps, but none works as effortlessly for us as PopCopy. If you are looking for a simple, usable multiple clipboard, try out this application. Ee can tell you that it works very well on Power PC- and Intel-based Macs: highly-recommended.

Also check out The American Balloon’s “Telekinesis,” an application that allows one to assign any keyboard key or key combination to any button on your Apple Front Row Remote. It costs $7 to register, and can be found here.

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  1. Alternativey, try Xshelf which does similar thing but is free. It does not clutter the menubar but uses a self-hiding windoid on the side of screen. Works well, but fewer bells&whistles;. Plus it allows you to “cut” files to move them rather than just copy. And it’s free. Downside is no keyboard navigation, but i can live with that.

  2. Static Mesh’s caution (regarding how programs that use the menu bar can cause problems when upgrading system software) could be borne out of a prior experience of his and others with some badly done haxies. But it is a over-wide generalization that doesn’t properly apply to well-conceived applications.

    I’ve used WolfClock (a cool little freeware app) through many, many system upgrades with no problem. This is to be expected for software that is simply a straightforward application which can be auto-launched during startup. The same can be expected for PopCopy which works the same way.

    More importantly, Mac Daily News is right to have 1) made the 2.0 release the subject of another article, and 2) rhetorically ask why it isn’t already part of OS X. PopyCopy is a extremely nice add-on that every Mac owner should have. It’s small (252 KB download), very Mac-like, and very, very helpful.

  3. Hello MDN, not everybody needs a multi-clipboard app. I sure don’t, and I don’t want the added complexity cluttering up my OS. That’s why there are application developers, so they can provide for your needs. If Apple included every single thing that every single person wanted, then OS X would be a bloated mess, and there would be no reason for application developers to exist. If PopCopy suits your needs, then use it. But don’t whine about how it should be in the OS. It absolutely should not be in the OS. Don’t you understand Apple’s philosophy by now? Less is more. If you want more complexity, get it yourself, but don’t expect everyone else to have to suffer through the pain that comes with adding the kitchen sink into the operating system.


  4. Checked out his promotional video on the wrestling section of his site. He’s got this move where he rips off the top part of his wrestling outfit and starts suffocating some dude with his tits! I’m not joking. I would not want to be in that position. Others may enjoy doing so.

    It’s your thing
    Do what you wanna do
    I can’t tell you
    Who to sock it to……..

    Seinfeld: Manzier or Bro?

  5. Personally, I’ve just tried this out, and I still prefer Jumpcut (http://jumpcut.sourceforge.net/).

    It only covers text clippings, whereas PopCopy can handle any type…but Jumpcut is true freeware, and I prefer its method of navigating clippings via the up/down arrow keys, rather than Jumpcut’s confusing three-item bezel which you have to navigate by repeatedly pressing the hotkey.

    Just my personal preference.

    (Either way, I agree that every Mac user should have a program like this, and it’s high time one was incorporated into the OS. A clipboard history would be a simple thing to, say, hide away in System Preferences as an optional menu bar item if Apple felt that it cluttered the interface too much for the average user.)

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