Testers unimpressed with ‘super buggy, slow’ Windows Vista

“Microsoft’s next-generation operating system, Windows Vista, could get a cool reception when it’s released late this year or early next. Corporate customers testing an unfinished version of the PC operating system complain that it’s too large, slow and memory hungry, according to surveys by ChangeWave Research. Testers say the software is super buggy, which raises questions about whether Microsoft can meet its current schedule,” Patrick Seitz writes for Investor’s Business Daily. “Also, many customers don’t see a need to upgrade to the new operating system right away. That means they’re likely to stick with PCs running older versions of Windows for some time.”

MacDailyNews Take: Don’t bet on it. They might finally decide not stick with Windows at all:

Seitz continues, “A further delay in Vista and then slack demand for it would be bad news for Microsoft, because so many of its business thrusts are tied to the new operating system, analysts say. Those efforts include getting corporate clients to sign long-term subscription licenses and buy Office 2007 productivity software. Also at stake are new business initiatives like Windows Live services, which include security and Web search, and graphics and electronic document software… Windows Vista is Microsoft’s first major overhaul to its flagship operating system since Windows XP came out in October 2001… Three-quarters of respondents say they’re not deferring PC and server purchases to wait for Vista. Only 9% say they are waiting for Vista before buying new hardware.”

MacDailyNews Take: The hunger for Vista is only a little bit less than the anticipation for Wal-Mart’s annual snow tire display.

Seitz continues, “Among features that testers dislike, 44% cite Vista’s large size and memory requirements. One respondent said Vista is ‘memory hungry’ and requires ‘upgrading almost every PC.’ Another said it ‘consumes too many system resources.’ For its latest of several Vista surveys, ChangeWave polled 1,161 executives May 16-22. The respondents included 54 people who work for companies that are beta testing Windows Vista, along with 146 who plan to test it. In addition, ChangeWave queried 961 people involved in tech spending for their outfits. Seventeen percent of testers reported problems, with the beta version of Windows Vista freezing up or crashing. One respondent said Vista ‘locks up every hour.'”

Seitz reports, “On June 7, Microsoft released to the public the latest test version of the product, called Windows Vista Beta 2. Some other early reviews also have been unkind. ‘I’ve run every Windows version in beta since Windows 95, and this is probably the shakiest that I’ve seen at this stage in the development process,’ said Joe Wilcox, an analyst with JupiterResearch. ‘I don’t see a lot of companies rushing to roll out Windows Vista,’ said Paul Thurrott, news editor of Windows IT Pro magazine. Many firms might wait for the first major revision to Windows Vista, which is due out a year after the initial release, he says.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: What are Windows users waiting for? Nothing much, obviously; if they’re even waiting for anything at all.

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  1. Which means Windows marketshare will increase dramatically since companies buying new computers with Vista pre-installed will reformat and then install Windows XP. Microsoft can then claim 2 “Windows sold” for every computer sold.

  2. the os wars will return – and i kinda like that, maybe one day there will be 1 set of apps and multiply os’s to choose, apple with osX (XI), sony will continue to add to linux it uses in ps3 and start making VAIO’s with linux, IBM will release a linux / os2 update type thing and google will finally release there linux OS with full online apps integration. Fun times ahead.
    Unix/Linux is back baby!

    Of course, everybody could just buy vista and carry on suffering lol

    (take it with a pinch of salt!

  3. I have to sum this whole Vista thing up with one word for everyone. All the bad press and news about M$ not performing to expectations. Ready?


    This is all stuff we Mac users have known for years. ‘Tis why we use Macs.

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